Our container of stuff arrived about two weeks ago. I thought I’d do a video before we put it all away, so here’s what we brought with us!

What would you take with you if you emigrated?

People here have a few phrases they use a lot more than you hear back in England. Here’s the top 5:

G’day: Matt’s noticed this informal greeting more than I have.

How ya going?: This is the common greeting, just like ‘how are you?’ really. It seems the correct reply is ‘Good thanks, you?’

No worries: People over here really do say this a lot. I think its only a matter of time before I convert from ‘no problem’.

Too Easy: This is for if you do a good job at something and get thanked, or if you get asked to do something which you’re pretty confident about. It can be combined with ‘no worries’.

Yeah, no: I can’t work out if this is an Australian thing or an individual thing. But it is confusing!

Abbreviations and alternative words

As well as the phrases, there are a whole host of abbreviations, and alternative words for things including:

  • Barbie – barbecue
  • Rego – car registration
  • Arvo – afternoon
  • Compo – compensation
  • Anything else you can stick and O on the end of!
Exciting kinds of Dairy Milk (not 'lollies)

Exciting kinds of Dairy Milk (not ‘lollies’)

Alternative words:

  • Manchester – bedding (this is the oddest)
  • Dooner – duvet
  • Bottle shop – off licence (also called a BottleO)
  • Lollies – sweets
  • Thongs – sandals
  • Capsicum – pepper (the vegetable)
  • Pom – British person
  • Bogan – cross between townie, chav and redneck

The only things I say so far really are barbie and no worries. How long before more of these terms weasel their way into my vocabulary though?

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After the success of the banana bread (here), I decided it was about time for another cake. I fancied some carrot cake, so decided to make that! Here’s the recipe (a new one to me):



  • 2 cups self raising flour
  • 1 tsp mixed spice (I used more as I like it)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon (I used more as I like it)
  • 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 2 cups grated carrot
  • 1 cup sultanas (or chopped walnuts)
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs

For the icing:

  • 125g full fat cream cheese
  • 1 1/2 cups icing sugar (not pictured)
  • Lime zest and juice

Step 1: Preheat oven to 180C or 160C fan and line a 19cm square cake tin

Step 2: Sift flour, spice and cinnamon into a big bowl. Add the sugar, carrot and sultanas


Step 3: Add oil and eggs. Mix. Wack it in the tin and bake for about 1 hour and 15 mins or until its done!


Step 4: Cool the cake. Whisk cream cheese and lime zest, plus a squeeze or more of juice (up to you, more juice = more sugar later). Gradually beat in icing sugar with an electric mixer until smooth. Add more sugar if its too runny, or more lime if too thick. Once cake is cool spread over the top and enjoy.

Verdict = Yum yum yum 🙂


Modifications / notes:

The recipe meant to be carrot and walnut cake, decorated with walnuts. I personally find nuts ruin the lovely soft taste of cakes (and chocolate). So, I swapped the nuts in the cake for sultanas and the walnuts on top for lime zest. Feel free to add the nuts back in, unless you are making the cake for me, in which case please don’t!

I once used not full fat cream cheese for icing in an attempt to be healthy. It was super runny, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The icing sugar here is actually ‘icing sugar mix’. I don’t know why its different, it looks the same and has no list of ingredients  If your icing doesn’t work outside Australia don’t blame me!

Anyone else made anything yummy recently?



Porters Pass

Porters Pass

For the last 6-10 years in England (depending on which of us you talk to) we have always gone down to Cornwall with the climbing club for the long Easter weekend on a trip called Splosh. There is climbing, tea shops, pasties, chips, the pub, card games, camping, mead (lots of mead), chicken and chips on a wooden plate with no cutlery and lots of awesome fun people!

This Easter we couldn’t go to Splosh for obvious reasons, so decided to go to the Blue Mountains instead. We left it a bit late to look for a hotel, as it turns out to be quite a popular place. Luckily my boss offered to lend us his tent, and we had roll mats and sleeping bags as they have been our bed for the last 2 and a bit months anyway!

So, Friday morning, we went and got the train to the mountains with a couple of massively heavy bags. It was about 2 hours 20 mins on the train, and cost $8 one way – yes $8!! That’s about what a glass of wine costs here!

We camped at a place called Blackheath, a couple of stops up the line from the main tourist centre of Katoomba. On Friday we stuck the tent up and went for a walk in the mountains, past  Centenial Glen, Shipley Upper and, Porters Pass. these places have climbing so of course Matt checked them out for future reference.

Centenial Glen

Centenial Glen

Having been about 25-28 degrees in Sydney, the temperature dropped off a fair bit on the first night and we were actually pretty chilly. By the next morning the weather got its act back together.

BBQ Breakfast

BBQ Breakfast

The good thing about the campsite was they had BBQs you could cook your food on, so in true Easter camping tradition we made bacon sandwiches for breakfast! Sadly I didn’t have a mug or any tea supplies, so no tea – tragic. Over the trip I actually went about 52 hours without a cuppa!!

Grose Valley

Grose Valley

On Saturday we went for a longish walk, past Popes Glen, to Govetts Leap and Evans Lookout. I hurt my knee so we didn’t get to the Grand Canyon, but will save that for another time. Although they are called Mountains, the Blue Mountains are actually canyons – you end up at the top, looking down over the cool scenery, rather than up at it. The trees and rolling terrain goes on for aaaages. There were loads of weird sounding and strange looking birds, and not many other people about at all. The scenery has a definite blue tinge because of the eucalyptus.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Grose Valley

Grose Valley

On Sunday we did the tourist thing and went to Scenic world in Katoomba. You pay to go into the park, with the worlds steepest railway (newly refurbished), a cable car and skyway (horizontal cable car). This was all good, but totally over run with tourists (not like us ‘locals’ – humm).

Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway

From the cable car was a good view of Katoomba falls which you could also walk around too.

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls

We walked from Scenic World to Echo Point, a famous lookout where the Three Sisters rocks are. These were pretty cool, but had even more tourists than Scenic World itself due to the close proximity of the coach drop off and free view! We didn’t walk to the bottom because of my dodgy knee, but no doubt there would have been far fewer people at the bottom of the 900 steps to the valley floor!

Three Sisters

Three Sisters

After a quick fish and chip pitstop, we headed back to Sydney on Sunday night as it was due to be wet on Monday.

Overall verdict: Excellent trip, lovely place with epic scenery and a total bargain on the train. Getting around would have been easier in a car, and we will be back when we have one, if not sooner. Scenic World is one to see, but not really anything better than the rest of the mountains. Would have been improved by: pasties; cream teas (or any tea); mead and koalas!  Next year I think the USMC should have Splosh in the Blue Mountains!

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Following on from the recent ‘Love Hate/Dislike’ post, I’ve decided to change it! I think the dislike is basically always going to be the same thing (being far from the UK for one reason or another). So, I’ll carry on with these each month (ish) a format idea I pinched from my friend Bex over at her blog (check it out here if you have a chance! Not to mention her fab shop, which sells a lot of very cute things!)

Lately, in April (and late March), I have been mostly…….

Liking – Workplace fruit and booze: My work have fruit deliveries twice a week for people to tuck in to. I’ve been making the most of this healthy, free food! Generally its apples as I don’t like bananas unless they come with toffee sauce, but we have also had nectarines. On the first Friday of every month there are First Friday Drinks where we listen to a short talk and then all drink free wine and eat pizza! I’ve been to two now, and there is a serious amount of pizza.

My office block

My office block

Disliking – Not having a car: Not having a car is generally fine in the week, as the train to our work and back is convenient and cheap too. But at the weekends not having a car is a bit frustrating. We’ve hired then twice for buying things now which was fine. We’ve really enjoyed the trips we have done with Toby and Ritchie out of the city and are keen to do some more of these. What is good though is there is a Go Get Car Club with lots of cars near by, so we have joined up and will see how that  goes for a while while we save up for a car. And if that works out well we’ll have a load of money for something else!

Watching – Nothing! The TV is not here yet, so not a lot of watching for us. Some bits and pieces about snorkeling and board games on You Tube. The best watch has been the Easter Jonathan creek special from the BBC, which we got via iplayer – I think I might even appreciate iplayer even more when we get the real TV and get familiar with Australian programming!

Listening to – Spotify: We had this in the UK, and Matt convinced me to sign up again for $10 a month. Its been pretty good, although I do need to learn how to make it myself!

Consuming – Decafinated Tetley tea and Easter chocolate: These things are both very exciting! I love tea but don’t drink it after about 4pm as I am bad enough at sleeping anyway! Finding decaf Tetley was awesome for when I want tea of an evening. Sadly Easter chocolate is not all that, but I did get Dairy Milk from the English Lolly Shop from a work colleague which was yummy .Also, here they have chocolate hot cross buns (yes!!). They are good, although I like mine toasted, which needs careful attention to avoid a big melty mess in the grill. Alternatively I ‘invented’ toasted regular hot cross buns with nutella which are also pretty awesome.

Chocolate Hot Cross Bun and Tetley - yum

Chocolate Hot Cross Bun and Tetley – yum

Working on – our first bid. The first stage of the first bid is going on at the moment, keeping me out of trouble at work.

Thinking about – holidays: Although its sort of like we are on holiday  I’m excited to plan some long weekends and actual longer holidays to cool places.

Looking forward to – our container arriving! It is now in Sydney apparently, so we just need to wait for it to go through customs (2 weeks apparently). I am most looking forward to getting the bed, but also things like extra clothes, outdoor stuff so we can go on more adventures and the TV for Game of Thrones series 2 (although we need a Blue Ray player for that).

What are you guys looking forward to?

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When is your stuff coming?

It is Container Eve! Container Day is tomorrow and I am excited!

Our things left England about a week before we did, on the 5th February. They shipped their way across the Seven Seas, to arrive in Sydney on Easter Sunday (late March). After getting through customs without any problem, they arrive at our flat tomorrow.

After a long 2 1/2 months of the air bed and sleeping bag we were finally getting our  bed back! It is like Christmas waiting for the container to come. After quite a long time, I forgot a lot of what I packed!

What did you bring?

Elmo hitched a ride on the container - minus the tiarra

Elmo hitched a ride on the container – minus the tiarra

We didn’t bring a lot of our furniture, becasue it was either old (but not old enough to be antique) or not really worth shipping. We managed to sell a lot of it before we left via Gumtree for some cash and got new stuff over here which we like a lot and will probably bring back to the UK with us. The only item we did bring was the bed, as it turned out the cost of bringing it wasn’t much more than all the other stuff we wanted to bring.

We used Crown Relocations, a professional moving company arranged by my work. They repacked our stuff into their fancy boxes, and made a nice list of it all. According to the inventory, we had 20 boxes. Here is what it says:

  1. Samsung TV
  2. Speakers
  3. Quilts and speakers
  4. Bed slats
  5. Bed rails and screws
  6. Rock climbing equipment
  7. Wooden chest and camping equipment
  8. Mattress
  9. Head and foot-board
  10. Crate with camping equipment
  11. Crate with clothes
  12. Crate with clothes
  13. PC Tower
  14. Holdall with clothes and TV stand and kitchenware
  15. Suitcase with shoes and clothes
  16. Kitchenware
  17. Shoes and camera and magazines
  18. Jewellery box and cables
  19. Printer, boots, linen and board games
  20. Crate with (non-hazardous) toiletries

I guess this is an interesting insight into what we thought was important to us when we left! Weirdly Elmo didn’t get a mention.

More about what we are looking forward to getting is here. 




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Over about 10 days around the Easter weekend is the Sydney Royal Easter Show at the Olympic Park. This is basically like an agricultural / country show with lots of animals, competitions for said animals (and other things like cake decorating, wood chopping) a fun fair and a big old fashioned show with fireworks.

Tickets were $35 each, which included return public transport.  I thought this was a bit steep originally, but we had an excellent time at the show, and decided it really was excellent value for money. We arrived about 1pm and stayed till 9pm! Here are some of the highlights (or at least things worth a mention!)

Chips on a Stick: These were a much better foodstuff. Basically you get a potato, chop it around in a swirl, stretch it out, put it on a stick, deep fry it and then cover it in seasoning. Again, worth a try, and I’d probably eat it again for the novelty value.

Chips - On a Stick!

Chips – On a Stick!

Dagwood Dog: This is a a saveloy sausage, covered in really doughy batter, deep fried, on a stick and dipped it ketchup type sauce. It is a fair classic apparently. I didn’t mind giving it a try, but I’m glad I didn’t have to eat a whole one and am not likely to have it again!

Koala, wallabee and bilby: Bilby’s are an animal I’d not heard of before, but they seem to be all over the place at Easter. Its somewhere between a mouse and a rabbit. The show had a ‘Save the Bilby’ tent, which also had a koala and walabee in – awwww.

Koala - check out the two thumbs

Koala – check out the two thumbs

Showbags: Showbags take merchandise to a whole new level. Again, something I’d not really come across before, they had a whole massive room dedicated to about 60-70 different types of showbag. There is one for everyone apparently. They ranged from sweets of all kinds, magazines, Muppets, Disney, boy toys. The idea is to take money from kids (well, their parents  in exchange for a brightly coloured bag full of more brightly coloured plastic and sugar. Also it seems one showbag is not enough – some kids had 4 or 5 of them! We gave in and got the $2 Bertie Beattle showbag which had (apparently classic, but really not very tasty) Bertie Beattle chocolate and sweets inside. I really wanted the Kermit one!

Bertie Beetle chocolate

Bertie Beetle chocolate

Wood chopping: The wood chopping contests were excellent! We watched quite a lot of these. There is a horizontal chop, where the guys stand on a big horizontal log and chop it between their legs! One side is anchored to the stand with bolts, so they don’t fall off. Even more fun was the tree felling wood shopping. This was crazy! Basically the ‘tree’ is marked into about 5 vertical sections. The men have giant sharp axes, and two planks. First, they chop a notch in the first section, then they wedge in the plank, jump onto it and stand on it to chop the next section. They then stick the second plank in, jump up onto that and carry on. The first one to get to the top and then chop the top off the tree, whilst standing on the plank, wins. It was seriously impressive stuff!



Woolworths Fresh Food Tent: No fair is complete without food! There were some pretty awesome produce displays, where farmers had made giant countryside scenes out of fruit and vegetables. One even had a goanna (lizard) made of seeds. We went to the tent about 4pm, which was a mistake. There were a LOT of free food samples, which could have been our lunch! Samples included: chilli sauce (Matt got a free lanyard for having the hottest one); smoked salmon; fruit bread; speciality bread; pesto; yoghurt; wraps; crumpets with nutella; fudge; bill tong; wine; crackers; nuts; muesli and even wine!

Camp Draft: It turns out camp draft is nothing to do with poorly insulated tents. Its people on horses chasing cows around posts. Pretty entertaining viewing once you know where they are meant to be going!

Camp Draft

Camp Draft

Rodeo: I’ve not seen a proper rodeo before – this one had a series of different activities, most of which can be described a mental! It started with one-handed bare back horse riding (bucking broncho style). You score points by staying on and not putting a second hand down for 8 seconds and then get more points from there. If that wasn’t silly enough, next up the cows with giant horns got involved  Two teams of two men on horses chase the a cow each. One man in each pair then jumps off the horse, and the first one to literally wrestle the cow to the ground wins. The finale was bare back bull riding – seriously mental. Luckily there were no major injuries.

Rodeo riding (next shot is the man on the grass!)

Rodeo riding (next shot is the man on the grass!)

Verdict: Overall, at least 8.5 out of 10. Sadly we missed the pig diving (yes!!) as it wasn’t on much, the evening show had a very weak plot and there was no competition for humongous vegetables! Definitely well worth a trip for all the other bits though.

Pig Diving Cake!

Pig Diving Cake!


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The majority of the container contents

*** STOP PRESS!!***

This is a totally unscheduled, hot of the press post announcing… Container Day!

Our container finally arrived in Sydney on Easter dunay, after leaving the UK in early February. I had the cll earlier today confirming it will be through customs on Monday, and delivered to our flat on Tuesday. This is very exciting!

The top three things I am looking forward to from the container are:

  • Our bed and associated ‘Manchester’ – two months on an air bed in a sleeping bag is wearing a bit thin now!
  • More clothes – I’m bored of wearing the same things over and over again, and have been pretty good so far and not bought more clothes over here
  • Cuddly wedding Elmo and Tristan the lion – Roy the Pengiun wants his friends back! Hopefully the poor little guys had a good time on their cruise by breaking out of their box and exploring the ship, rather than suffocating in a box! (Becasue Toys come alove at night you know – it says so in Toy Story).

The top three things Matt is looking forward to (I’m not sure of the orfder of preference) are:

  • Climbing kit including rope, gear and boundering mat
  • The computer
  • The TV

Stay tuned for more container updates. What else did we bring? What didn’t we bring that we should have? Will it get through cutoms with no fees for cleaning mud off tents or shoes? Where am I going to put all the extra clothes when they arrive?

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

We were lucky enough to have Matt’s sister Lizzie and her friend Steph come and stay with us for a few days recently.

They decided to power on through the jet-lag after an epic jounrey via 11 hours in China. After some traditional bacon and egg rolls for breakfast, we got the bus over to Bondi and went  on the Bondi to Coogee beach walk.

The walk is about 6km along cliffs, with about 6 different beaches on the way.

The world famous Bondi was the first stop. We didn’t see the TV crews, but there were plenty of Bondi lifeguards in their traditional blue outfits. Apparently its smaller than it looks on TV. It was about 28 degrees, so the beach was packed. We had a quick paddle in the sea, got some free sweets from a shop and decided to head on down the coast to find somewhere a bit quieter.

Tamarama was the next beach, which was small but nice. Matt, Lizzie and Steph braved the fairly big waves and went for a swim.

Tamarama Beach

Tamarama Beach

Round the corner we got to Bronte, where it was time for an ice cream!

After Bronte was Clovelly. On the way was a giant graveyard and bowling green on the cliff! Clovelly had a big concretey platform you could sit on, and loads of people snorkelling. We were on the look out for a shop selling snorkels during the walk, but sadly didn’t find one. We have some now, so will be back to Clovelly soon.

Just around the coast a bit more was Gordons Bay a nice secluded bay with an underwater snorkelling and diving trail which is well reccomended.

Gordons Bay

Gordons Bay

The Coogee stop came just in time as the jet-lag was starting to get serious for our visitors, and we were feeling the heat. We got the bus back home in time for dinner.

You can find full details of the walk, here 

Verdict: 8/10. Very good walk, nice and convenient from the city. Would have been even better with a snorkel and a shop selling proper ice creams!

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There are a couple of things you will find for breakfast in most good cafe’s and coffee shops around Sydney. One is a bacon and egg roll (very good, yay), and the other is the ‘healthy choice’ – banana bread.

I like making cakes and managed to recently re-acquire all the necessary equipment for making them! I thought I’d start off with something traditional, so went for banana bread. I like sultanas, but not really nuts, so I picked a recipe accordingly. Here it is:

Banana bread ingredients

Banana bread ingredients


  • 2 cups (300g) self raising flour
  • 1tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon – I used more
  • 1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar
  • 3/4 cup (125g) sultanas  – I used more
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup (250ml) milk
  • 1 cup mashed ripe banana (about 2 bananas)

Step 1: Preheat oven to 180°C. Line the base and sides of a 23cm x 13cm loaf pan with non-stick baking paper. Sift flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt and cinnamon into a large bowl. Stir in sugar and sultanas. (For the first time I used cups, not weight as I didn’t bring scales from the UK, they are expensive here and Ikea had some handy cups. I was a bit worried, but it came out OK!)




Step 2: Combine eggs, milk and bananas in a large jug. Whisk with a fork, until well combined. Stir egg mixture into dry ingredients, until well combined.


Step 3: Pour mixture into prepared loaf pan. Bake for 40-45 minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.

Step 4: Cool in pan for 10 minutes. Turn onto a wire rack to cool completely. Slice and serve lightly buttered, or toasted.

I actually found the cake a lot lighter than the ones in the shops look. It was very moist, so didn’t need butter at all.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

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Until recently, our lounge area looked like this – empty!

Our furnitureless lounge

Our furnitureless lounge

We now have some furniture which we got from Early Settlers and a sofa from Plush. Early Settlers had a set we liked, and it was pretty reasonable for what it is too. In the UK we had a lot of furniture from different places which didn’t really match, so its nice to have a set now. We got a coffee table, TV stand (empty for now apart from speakers), bookcase, extendible dining table and 6 chairs (for when we have friends)! We got a lovely penguin picture from our new nearest relatives  the Millis’s in Wanaka, New Zealand which has taken up residence on the book case – thank you! 🙂

Bookcase complete with penguins and Robin from The Pigeons Nest in England!

Bookcase complete with penguins and Robin from The Pigeons Nest in England!

We took a risk on our sofa – again! In the UK we got a total ebay bargain with a four piece leather suite worth over £1,000 for about £300 and a van. This time we had the sofa we wanted picked out, but when we went to get it it was only available in lime green, unless we wanted to wait 12 weeks. It goes without saying, neither of those were good options!

After some discussions with the sales assistant we ended up with a choice between a more expensive corner sofa with integrated sofa bed we don’t really need, or the ‘mystery sofa’. The Mystery Sofa was the last one left. It has a corner facing the right way we wanted. It was half the price of the sofa bed sofa. It came in an acceptable colour (grey). And, we could have it in a week. Becasue it was the mystery sofa though, we couldn’t see it or sit on it. It was in the warehouse, not the shop.

After a quick wander about the shopping centre and some deliberation we were totally sucked in with the cheap mystery option. And here it is…..

Our new mystery sofa, coffee table and dining table

Our new mystery sofa, coffee table and dining table

I’m pleased to report it is pretty comfy! Having not had a sofa for a few weeks probably anything would feel comfy, but we think its genuinely good. The colour is a bit darker than I wanted really, but then darker should be nice and practical  Its bigger than I expected, but really good as we can both easily lie on it at the same time. I think the back looks a bit weird with the bumpy bit, but for the price I can definitely live with it.


Wild Life Sydney is a small zoo right in the centre of Sydney (see here). We went a couple of weekends back to look around and bought Merlin passes on-line for $90. This gets us unlimited entry to 5 Sydney attractions and some other ones in Oz, for a whole year. Compared to $36 walk in price for the zoo and the same for many of the other attractions its a total bargain!

I love animals, so had a good time even though the zoo was only small.


These were definitely the cutest chaps in the zoo. They were in close competition with the wombats, but they were hiding down their holes asleep so it wasn’t a fair competition.




Lunch time for the koala












Princess the Cassowary

We went to a short talk about Princess the Cassowary. Princess is a boy, but apparently a diva! The cassowary is basically like an emu or ostrich, but with better colours and a keratin (what nails are made from) bit on their head. They eat a lot of fruit, and have an evil claw which can be used to kill people! They’re pretty rare and only like in Australia and New Guinea.

Princess the (boy)  cassowary

Princess the (boy) cassowary


I particularly like lizards, and there were quite a few there, including a giant goanna (related to the monitor lizard).


A couple of unidentified lizards

They had a lot of snakes as well, big and small, poisonous and pretty ‘armless ones too.  They had an unusual one called the Hoop Snake.

Rex the Big Boss Croc


Rex the 'Big Boss Croc'

Rex the ‘Big Boss Croc’

We also went to a talk about Rex, who is what is known as a Big Boss Croc becasue he is huge! (700kg). Rex’s story is quite interesting. He used to live up in Darwin and ended up near a spot where lots of locals used to like picnicking and swimming. Many of them had dogs go missing. ’nuff said. The rangers decided Rex needed to be relocated as he was getting too aggressive and there was a fair risk he’d have gone for a person sooner or later. But giant crocs have really good homing instincts, so if they moved him he would have just come back.

So. Rex got caught and sent off the the Crocodile Farm. Its basically for breeding crocs, they look after them and then eventually make them into products as a way of reducing poaching. Sounded a bit dodgy to me, but apparently there are a lot of them. The idea was, in return for his food and board Rex would make new crocodile babies with the females at the farm, and pass on all his good ‘big boss croc’ genetics. Unfortunately, instead of making babies, Rex mauled all his potential girlfriends. 🙁

After a few years the farm got fed up with Rexs bad behaviour, so he ended up at Wild Life Sydney, where he lives with a few water dragons and gets fed 6 days a week (but not the day we were there).

Rex's giant body

Rex’s giant body

Verdict: 6.5/10. It was good, but only small, so worth a trip with some sort of deal ticket. Not too many scary spiders. Some of the enclosures were a bit small – I felt sorry for the kangeroos.