In Sydney the closest thing we really have to a Theme Park is Luna Park. Its sort of like a permanent fun fair, with about 12 big rides, some kiddies rides and lots of stalls where you can pay money to try and win cuddly toys and other tatty prizes. The entrance is guarded by a big scary clown whose mouth you have to walk through to get in.

They have some 241 deals, so we went with a couple of friends recently on a Friday night to take advantage of the deal. We spent a good 3 hours of the evening there and Matt and I made it on all of the main rides. I felt a bit quessy by the end, after the upside down ride and all the spinning, so we decided not to sample the doughnuts and ice creams.

Sadly the old rickety looking roller coaster was shut, but here’s a summary on the other rides:

Tango Train: We went on this first. Two of you sit in a car and go around in a circle, up and down bumps. It starts backwards and then goes forwards which is faster. The ride lasted quite a while so did get a bit repetitive but was good fun. You get squished to the outside so I spend a while amusing myself trying to hold on against the gravity and seeing what it was like with my eyes shut.

Carousel: As you might expect. I called my horse Sunshine becasue he had a yellow mane and the ride made me think of secretive undercover spy meetings and Greys Anatomy. Yes, I’m strange.

Getting air in Coney island

Getting air in Coney island

Coney Island: Coney Island is a cool adventure space with lots of fun things including a mirror maze, wobbly walkways and some giant slides you go down on mats. Andrew got airbourne!

Ferris Wheel: Pretty standard Ferris Wheel, but with awesome views over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

View from the ferris wheel

View from the ferris wheel

Hair Raiser: This is probably the second most extreme ride in Luna Park. It cranks you up a pole higher and higher, to 50m, where again the views are really cool. Then, without any warning or even stopping from going up you drop really suddenly. I was definitely screaming / manically giggling!


The Hair Raiser

Tumble Bug and Spider: These were both ones with two people cars, where ou get spun around a lot and spun in all sorts of directions. Quite good fun.

Dodgems: Another classic. I passengered with Matt and we managed to lap some of the others a couple of times. Apparently the lady was telling me to put the camera away but I didn’t hear her at all!

Moon Ranger: This was the most extreme ride in the park, like a pirate ship, but which went fully upside down. At first I really enjoyed this one, but then when it was fully upside down 3 or 4 times it would stop and leave you hanging there for what seemed like ages, which I didn’t really appreciative. The restraints were really tight pushing on your stomach too.



Rotor: This was the most unusual ride. Three of us (Andrew wasn’t feeling well and knew it would make him feel worse) went in without any idea what it was, and had the whole ride to ourselves. Its a black round room with a wheel in the middle. You hold the wheel and they start rotating the room and then you go and stand against the edge. As they speed it up you get stuck against the wall and cant move! Then the floor disappears and you stay floating stuck to the wall! That was quite a surprise. It spins for a long time and you can try moving your arms and legs out which is pretty strange, and then when it stops you fall back down to the floor which is now lower! I liked the simplicity of it, and the element of surprise about what happened!

For $25 each (241 price) it was worth it for a fun night out, but I certainly wouldn’t pay $50. It’s quite a small place so I don’t expect we would go back very soon, but if we have visitors who want to go I’d more than happily go again and pretend to be a child!


Since last year we’ve been meaning to go to Sydney’s water park: Wet n Wild. It opened about 18 months ago, and we avoided it at first because of the massive queues. This year towards the end of summer they started doing a good discount to keep the customers coming in before they shut for winter, so we decided for $50 instead of $80 each it was worth a trip. You can check out the website, here.

We got there for 9.30 when the doors allegedly opened, before all the rides fired up at 10. They didn’t actually open the doors until about 9.50, but that gave us time to get our writs bands sorted and pay for the big locker ($12) and parking. It was an extra $8 for the car which is a bit cheeky seeing as there isn’t any other reason you’d go to that car park.

After a quick change we checked out the park map and decided fairly arbitrarily to go to the right, as there were more rides that way. For the first hour it stayed really quiet and we were able to get off a ride and go pretty much straight back on again, ticking off 8 or 9 rides in the first hour (with one twice).

The park is organised into four main towers. One has the three most gentle rides, which you go in on four person rings, although you can go just with two of you and two spare places. We ticked all these off first. Generally someone ended up going backwards on these rides, which added to the amusement!

After that, things get a bit more interesting with the two person rides. There were 5 of these on one tower. You have rings for two with one person in front and one behind, both facing forwards. To start with Matt was at the front. Then after a few goes I got told to sit in front because the lightest person always goes in front to avoid getting flipped! Shame I didn’t know that earlier! This tower had a ride in the dark, and more twists, turns and drops than the others. The one called Half Pipe shot you down a bit drop and then really high up an almost vertical wall on the other wide which was pretty fun. Also on the tower was a set of 4 tubes called The Breakers where you drop down first and then get shot up by some quite strong jets of water before doing a lot more drops. That was also pretty fun and we did it twice straight away when we realised one set was steeper than the other!

Half Pipe

Half Pipe

From there we headed over the other side to the third tower which had the most extreme rides on it. They’re faster with bigger drops. Unfortunately the one called Bombora, which looked like the most extreme one there and a bigger version of Half Pipe was shut – boo. This tower had the biggest queues, so if we go back we’ll know to go here first while its quietest! First we went on T5 which had the shorter queue (about 20 mins), and turned out to be my favourite ride in the park. As well as getting flung around a lot you spend quite a while in a giant funnel going up and down the walls on each side which had me giggling and screaming like a maniac! After that we spent about half an hour waiting to go on Tantrum, the most popular open ride. It was good, similar to T5, but I didn’t think it was worth the extra wait.

For $20 you can buy a queue jump pass which you can use once on each tower, so maximum 4 rides in total. We did see some people with these, but didn’t bother ourselves. Standing in the queues and wandering around people and tattoo watching was pretty entertaining in itself.

The final tower had the individual rides on it. The 360 Rush was shut, which I was secretly quite glad about! You stand up in it and get dropped down the chute and then go around a 360 degree bend. There was a warning sign about what to do if you didn’t make it all the way around which didn’t fill me with confidence! The H2Go Racers was open, where 8 people go at once racing down the tubes face first on mats – like sledging on water. Matt and I both allegedly fouled, but it was saying that all day for all of the 4 chutes on the left. Not surprisingly, he beat me!

The big rides!

The big rides!

After ticking off all the main rides we went and had our picnic lunch. The food in the park was mainly fast food, so I was glad we took our own. There was some nice fake grass to sit on and beach loungers too if you wanted to sunbathe. From there we went for a couple of laps around the lazy river while we  digested, and debated what rides to go on for a second time! We went in the big beach pool while the wave machine was on, and had another go on some of our favourites including T5 and Half Pipe.

When you go in you get a wristband with a smart tag in it, that you tap on the rides when its your turn. It collects up all the photos of you which you can buy at the end. They have photographers around the park too. We didn’t buy any pictured, but I thought the system was a good idea. There are also a couple of other attractions at the park that you have to pay for – a surf wave and a face down flying bungee. The bungee looked pretty fun, although we didn’t want to pay for it!

All in we were at the park for about 5.5 hours, and managed not to get at all sunburnt – woo! One surprising thing was that there weren’t any water fountains around the park. Normally Australia is pretty good for those, but here they just seemed to want to sell you frozen coke! Overall it was a good fun day and well worth it for the discounted price, but I don’t think I’d have paid the full price (as usual)!

Me surfing!!

So April is here. Matt’s out of hospital getting around on crutches. He’s had his cast off and has a fancy moon boot now which he can take on and off. We’re going back to the hospital at the end of he month to get an Xray of the screws and see how the healing is going.

Liking: We had Matt’s sister Lizzie and her boyfriend Ed come to stay which was good. Of course we got up to lots of fun things, including a trip up the coast to Port Stephens where we had a really fun surf lesson! I actually got to be able to stand up, although only in very small waves. I also had fun with a borrowed jet washer blasting the balcony clean!

Disliking: Matt can’t go very far on the crutches so I’m doing a lot of waiting on him and driving to the pub which is getting frustrating.

Watching: We powered through game Of Thrones Season 4 on DVD, which I LOVED. We’ve subscribed to Netflix free trail now so have been watching a new series called Daredevil and a few movies.

Playing: We had a bit of a games night with my friend Penny where we based through Munchkin Loot Letter, Contagion and Last Night on Earth. We celebrated International Table Top Day too up the coast, playing Citadels and Loot Letter with Ed and Lizzie.

Reading: I’m actually not reading a book at the moment and keep going to bed too tired to be bothered starting a new one!

Creme Egg Brownies

Creme Egg Brownies

Consuming: I made some creme egg brownies for Easter which were tastier than the looked! My friend Mel and I went on a day out around the posh suburb of Mosman and down to Balmoral beach where we had a yummy lunch and a pretty awesome mocha cake! We went with Lizzie and Ed to the Messina dessert bar and it turned out the Paddington Bear ice cream i ordered (with chocolate gelato, marmalade, French toast and buttery biscuit topping) came with a free Paddington Bear DVD! I created Matt a dessert with chocolate gelato, white chocolate sauce, popping candy, caramel popcorn and a hot pastry thing filled with more caramel.

My dessert bar creation for Matt

My dessert bar creation for Matt

Buying: I bought a Fitbit to track my steps. I’m only on day two but i’ll also be using it for the Global Corporate Challenge we have coming up at work where we’re all meant to get active and be more healthy. I need to make sure i’m active after all the yummy things I keep eating!

Thinking about: Its only about six weeks till our trip back to the UK! This year has flown by!

Visiting: We spent a weekend up the coast in Port Stephens which was really good. We had an awesome Saturday of: BBQ bacon and egg rolls for breakfast; mini-golf which Matt won despite his broken ankle; Tim Tams and tea; a surf lesson; burgers and beer; some rock climbing; pizzas, wine, Eton mess and board games! There is even photographic evidence of me stood up on a surf board!

Missing: Mini Eggs. They have them here but they taste wrong. And as an aside so do the creme eggs, although I find them too sweet these days.

Looking forward to: In May we’re going to see our first AFL game which should be fun, and going to do lawn bowls for a collegue who’s going back to the UK with work as a leaving do.