Welcome to Shorts Down Under!

We are Matt and Elly Short, and in February 2013 we are emigrating from Horsham in the South East of England to Sydney, Australia.

This website has a blog and updates all about our adventures in Australia, to help keep in touch with our friends and family about what we’re up to and how everything is going. Please leave comments, it’s nice to have interaction! We’ll chuck in some other exciting bits and pieces for your entertainment too.


Us on Milford Sound, New Zealand. Please excuse the matching coats!

Us on Milford Sound, New Zealand. Please excuse the matching coats!

Why are you moving?

Well, where do I start? I’ve wanted to work overseas for ages and have long been jealous of other people doing it. Because my company is international I suppose I thought one day an opportunity would just magically come up, but the only ones that did were in the Middle East, which doesn’t really appeal.

Earlier in the year, a few things came together. I was fed up with work and fed up of our general work life balance (or lack thereof). Someone from our team got a transfer to Australia (which of course made me jealous again) and I knew someone I used to work with was looking at putting together a team in Australia. I want some kids, but am not ready for that right now and our families are generally in fairly good health. So, we had a chat and a think about it and decided to get on with trying to go and work overseas now before our personal circumstances make it harder in the future.

So, lots of emails, phone calls at silly time of the day and effort later I got an offer for the job I really wanted! :-D

When are you moving?

We don’t have the exact date yet, but it should be some time the week of 11th February (so not long!)

What are you going to do Elly?

I’m transferring within my current company to the Sydney office. I’m going to be working as a Bid Manger, bidding for Highway Maintenance contracts across Australia.

What’s Matt going to do?

Matt’s planning on transferring to Thales (his current company) in Sydney. Their offices are on Garden Island which is a cool place and you can go on New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks from a prime location.

Where are you going to live?

We have some ideas and recommendations, but we’re not totally sure yet. We’ll get temporary accommodation through my work at the beginning and go house hunting from there.

When are you coming back?

We’re not sure at the moment and will see how it goes. We’re planning on staying at least 18 months to make the effort involved worth it and get a proper feel for the place. The visa is for 4 years.

What about your house and your stuff?

We’re renting our house out.

We are shipping some of our stuff that we’re really attached to or likely to need. Other things we are re-homing, donating to friends / charity or storing. That’s a mammoth sorting job right there.

I bet you’re really busy sorting everything out right?

Yes indeedy. We have a mega spreadsheet, currently with about 85 things to do on it, 10 of which are done. The problem is trying to tick them off quicker than thinking up extra things to do!

Aren’t you scared of spiders Elly?

Yup, petrified. I love penguins though, and am pretty excited about koalas and kangeroos. I’ll probably do another post about spiders later.

We should meet up before you go!

Definitely. We are planning a party on the 9th February in Guildford. If you haven’t heard about it through Facebook or email you will do in the next couple of days, or drop me an email. We’d like visitors while we are there too so do keep in touch!



  1. Good luck Matt, huge step to take but one which a lot of us would have liked to do but did not have the guts! Keep us informed of your adventures would like to know how you get on.
    Best wishes to you both,
    Carol & Steve

    • Thank you Carol. Yes it is a pretty big step but if we are ever going to do it then now is the right time. Keep an eye on the blog and we will keep it updated with our adventures.


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