Things I am loving at the moment:

1. Living somewhere new: There’s lots of new things to do and places to go and see. Stuff in the shops is different and best of all, we don’t have to do any DIY on our house!

Love score: 9/10 (not 10, as sometimes its hard to know where to get things you want and the chocolate tastes funny!)

2. Bread Top: Bread Top is a genius idea for a shop. Its somewhere between a bakery and a Greggs. I don’t think you can get actual plain rolls, but they have a whole host of warm and cold, savoury and sweet bread products, and they’re all very reasonably priced. So far we’ve had cheesy rolls (eat them on their own like a cheese straw, plus they have cheesy goo inside; pizza topped baguettes  garlic and parmesan bread rolls; onion naan; pain au chocolats and custard buns. Nom nom nom. There is a BreadTop below my building so it won’t be long before the list gets longer! 

Love score: 7/10 (it could have more exciting cakes, but I suppose then it wouldn’t be pure BreadTop).



3. Having a pool and gym in the basement: This is super convenient, and often not very busy. Now we’ve moved in we’ve been a couple of times this week after work. Lets see if we can keep it up!

Love score: 6/10 (although its good, exercise is a bit boring and I still prefer Body Combat).

Pool, jacussi and sauna

Pool, jacuzzi and sauna

Small gym in the basement

Small gym in the basement











Sadly its not all great things though. For some balance, here’s some less good stuff. Hate is too strong a word, but I do dislike these things.

1. Friends: I miss our friends! We’re working on making some new ones but its a bit slow. (And obviously they’ll never be as good as you UK guys!)  The Ex-pat socialising night unfortunately clashes with the climbing socialising night, so we will be alternating till we work out who is best!

Dislike score: 9/10 (there is of course email, facebook, blogging, skype and of course visitors, but its not the same!)

2. Lacking furniture and appliances  In terms of furniture we only shipped our bed. Currently its somewhere past Singapore! Sleeping on roll mats isn’t actually that bad, but the lack of other furniture and appliances is getting a bit annoying  This is temporary though, and we have a fridge  washing machine  table, chairs, coffee table, bookcase and TV stand coming next week. No TV to put on it yet, but its progress! We’ll be ordering the sofa very soon once we can get to the shop. (Update: fridge and washing machine now here and wine has been purchased – woo!)

Dislike score: 7/10 (9/10 for the fridge, less for the other bits as it is temporary!)

Wine :-) Beer coming next

Wine 🙂 Beer coming next

3. Cheque?: When you pay for stuff with a card you always have to press which account you want the money to come from. The credit bit gives you some sort of added fraud protection apparently. I just find this annoying as I always forget and try to dive right in with my pin number.

Dislike score: 3/10 (Its annoying, but I’ll get used to it)

It seems bad to end the post on something negative. So next time I’ll talk about some good stuff at my work – stay tuned!