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Here’s the second part of our new flat tour, this one with the main exciting features!

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As promised, here’s the first video tour of our new place.

In case you’re wondering, it’s in Waverton / Wollstonecraft, north of the Harbour and about 5 mins from the train station. It’s about 15 mins on the train to the city, so very convenient. Stay tuned for part 2!

Happy Christmas everyone!

We decided we should have a Christmas Special blog post, so have finally finished preparing the adventure video from our New Zealand honeymoon. There will be a more scenic video at some point too.

You can read more about our awesome honeymoon here. This time last year we celebrated our first hot Christmas with the Millis family in Wanaka, including a picnic and spot of kayaking in Lake Wanaka. Also featured in the video are sky-diving, bungee jumping, Queenstown luge, caving, sea kayaking, lake kayaking, canyoning, jet boating, cycling and of course some rock climbing!

Warning: This video contains footage of what may be considered ‘extreme’ activities. Sensitive parents may find some scenes distressing. No Shorts were harmed in the  making of this film. 

Our container of stuff arrived about two weeks ago. I thought I’d do a video before we put it all away, so here’s what we brought with us!

What would you take with you if you emigrated?

Hello, avid blog readers!

By popular demand, I’ve bumped down the zoo post, so you can see the video of our new place. I hope you enjoy it – I hate listening to myself in these, so I’ve not watched it again.

Recently, in the flat we have:

  • Put beer in the fridge
  • Got some hooks for our hand towels and calendar (I do like having the calendar up)
  • Got the internet connected
  • Ordered the sofa and
  • Acquired a gigantic very comfy air bed from a work colleague

Our new furniture comes tomorrow, so there will be some pic shortly, and the sofa on Saturday.

Enjoy a nose about!