So climbing around Horsham, UK was pretty rubbish. To get to any outdoor rock was over an hours drive and to get to anything decent it was more like 3+ hours.

Sydney is a pretty cool place to be a climber. Basically the whole city is built on hard sandstone, which means that there are loads of crags in and around the city. We have a great bouldering crag 10 mins up the road and good sports crags less than 30 mins from our flat.

Lindfield - Bouldering

Lindfield – Bouldering

Lindfied - Bouldering

Lindfied – Bouldering

If you venture 1.5 hours out of the city you get to the Blue Mountains which has 1000s of climbs (trad, sport and aid) both single and multi-pitch. Many of the climbs really don’t have a long walk in either.

Bunny Buckets Buttress (18) - 8 Pitches Sport

Bunny Buckets Buttress (18) – 8 Pitches Sport

Mt York - Sport

Mt York – Sport

And of course the weather here is much more amenable to climbing – most weekends have great weather and we can get out to explore a new crag. In the UK you can expect the weather to be bad and be lucky to have good climbing weather. Here it is the other way around, you can expect to have good weather and you are unlucky for the weather to be bad.

Pearl Bay - Bouldering

Pearl Bay – Bouldering

Pearl Bay - Bouldering

Pearl Bay – Bouldering

If you travel a bit further, you can experience some other great climbing areas. Recently I spent a week at Frog Buttress in Queensland, which is the best crack climbing crag I have ever been to and has probably the best climb that I have ever done – Infinity (19) beautiful hand jamming all the way up for 45m.

Infinity (19) - Trad

Infinity (19) – Trad

Devil'd Dihethral (20) - Trad

We have been here 6 months now and I have already managed to rack up 156 climbs this year, so lets hope that continues once the boiling hot weather starts. I have found that doing more climbing and not knowing the grading system has allowed me to push my grade a bit so I am now sport climbing 21 – 22 (6c – 6c+) and trad climbing 19 – 20 (E2 – E3) depending on what conversion scale you look at.

Bonnet Bay - Sport

Bonnet Bay – Sport

Elly was scared of climbing here originally because of the evil wildlife potential, but so far has seen no snakes or spiders! Lets hope that continues too!

Come and visit and you can come climbing too! 🙂

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