We live about a 15 minute walk fro, the ClimbFit climbing wall in St Leonards, so go there fairly often.

Recently they did a ‘lights out’ night. They turned off all the lights and you were only allowed in if you had a head torch. They gave out free glow sticks and of course sold head torches to hapless customers who turned up without them for $50 each!

It was even more busy than usual at the wall, novelty factor I guess. It was a good experience, but for me the novelty was probably slightly outweighed by it being so hot from all the people and so busy there wasn’t much choice of route. By the end when it quietened down a bit it was better, and they cranked up the good tunes so it was like being in some sort of crazy climbing disco!

Maybe one day we’ll do some climbing in the dark outside and get some cool light trail photos.


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