After my recent adventure to Goat Island with Toby and Kendall, and trip to the Vivid festival, they had organised a dinner surprise, to the 360 restaurant which is at the top of the Westfield tower (see here). (In the picture its the tallest building, the thin tower with the round bit at the top.)

The restaurant has good food and a very extensive wine list. It’s called 360 as it has a 360 degree view around Sydney, AND it revolves, about once an hour so you get the whole view from your seat. This can be a bit confusing if you get up to go to the loo!

The views from the restaurant were really cool, especially as the Vivid festival was on so we got to see lots of buildings all lit up and with projections on them. We even caught the end of the Darling Harbor firework show too.

I can’t remember the full details of the food and wine, but essentially I ate and drank: Mixed starter with yummy meats, olives and oysters; roast duck breast; roasted pumpkins; Tasmanian red wine; lemon brulee tart with red berries and seriously good Italian desert wine. The pudding, desert wine and pumpkin were particularly good. I was surprised by quite liking the oysters as previously I’ve just found them to be too slimy and salty!

Getting a picture was a bit tricky as the floor revolves around as you try and take them!

The restaurant isn’t cheap, but actually given the views its not unreasonable for the whole experience compared to other restaurants in the city.

Overall verdict:  8.5/10. Brilliant views, good food and wine and excellent company too. I reckon this would be a good choice for a special occasion and to take visitors.






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