The Baxter Inn wall of whiskey

The Baxter Inn wall of whiskey

Down a lonely looking alley way in Sydney, and further down a concrete stairwell, we recently found The Baxter Inn, one of the Top 10 small bars in Sydney. It specialises in whiskey.

Luckily we had the address, or we’d never have found it. You go down an unmarked access road into what looks like a loading bay. We spotted a man there who turned out to be a bouncer, so when we asked for directions he pointed us down the equally unassuming stairwell into the basement. I see why they have someone outside!

We went on a Monday night. There were a few seats left, but it filled up more after we arrived. Normally there is a queue to get in apparently (one in one out), so pick your time carefully.

Inside are two large walls stocked full of over 300 different kinds of whiskey on 5 or 6 rows of shelves, which the barmen access via moving stepladders. There place has a sort of 1930’s American smooth vibe, and free pretzels!  As well as the straight up whiskey you can have whiskey cocktails and whiskey with freshly made apple juice, which apparently is a classic!

Verdict: 8/10  Good place, worth a visit, be prepared to stump up some cash though!

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