Waffles and hug mug

Waffles and hug mug

Here in Sydney, there are quite a few chocolate cafe’s. These are places which serve hot drinks and cakes, mainly chocolate based with some standard caffinated drinks to broaden their appeal.

Recently I’ve tried out two kinds, a Max Brenner and a Lindt cafe.

At Max Brenner I had the dark hot chocolate drink and waffles with dark chocolate sauce. Ellie had milk hot chocolate and chocolate crepes with banana.

We took Matt to the Lindt cafe too and enjoyed milk and dark hot chocolates again, profiteroles and chocolate and pear cake.

So which was better?

The Max Brenner hot chocolate was lovely, but so rich I couldn’t finish it (even though a lot of it went on my waffle as it was nice and thick). At the Lindt cafe you get hot milk and hot chocolate sauce which you mix together yourself. This tasted awesome, although I would have preferred it slightly hotter. The Lindt cafe had a better selection of high quality cakes (compared to mainly waffles, muffins, cookies, crepes and chocolate pizza at Max Brenner), although the price tag reflected the extra effort involved in creating them. Both had a shop with a selection of things to take away, including some Lindt ball flavours I’d not seen before like raspberry, milk and white chocolate together and mint. The Max Brenner rounded ‘hug mug’ was nice to drink out of, and a bit different. Both places smelt gorgeous.

All things considered, Lindt edges it for me.

Next up is a San Churro (Spanish themed, with churros) and a Guylian cafe.  Maybe not for a while though or I’ll end up super fat! I think Ill make a proper decision on which one is best once I’ve tried them all! 

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