View from the O Bar

View from the O Bar

Back in 2013 I went with my friend Toby to the 360 revolving restaurant at the top of the Westfield tower in Sydney (the tallest building). You can read about that here.

On a recent Sydney city tour, we found out about a similar place called the O Bar and Dining (see here). This is similar to the 360 in that its a revolving restaurant. This one is 47 floors up and takes about 1 hour and 46 minutes to do a rotation. Its less well known, but now we know about it!

We went about a week before Valentines day (when the prices hike massively). We got a window seat as we went in the week when it was a bit quieter. The views were excellent. We went in about 6pm and stayed a bit over 2 hours so got to see the city in the daytime from high up, as well as the sun going down (which was slightly blinding at times). We started with the view over the Harbor and Opera House which I think is just great, and becasue of the rotation speed we got this a second time too before we left. I think the view was better than 360, as you can’t see the Opera House from there becasue of the tall buildings in the way (like the one O Bar is in). That said, I think the 360 revolves faster so you get to see more if you stay for just a shorter time.

The food is pretty pricey as you’d expect, but definitely well presented and yummy. If you go before 6.30pm (which we did) you can have a deal with 2 courses for $56 or three for $72. We went for three plus some bread and drinks on top. This saved me $17 and Matt $25. Although it was on the expensive side, for $200 we got three courses, bread, wine and world class views so in my mind it was totally worth it for a special occasion (not something we’d do regularly!) 

O Bar with Elly

O Bar with Elly

Here is what we ate for the foodies – I’m not totally sure what a couple of the accompaniments are!

  • Spiced prawn cakes with quinoa crust, chilli, lemon yoghurt, soft herbs (E)
  • Organic chicken sausage & farro, agave roasted carrots, flame grapes, chickpeas (M)
  • Blackened miso salmon & white miso, shaved asparagus, young shoots, supergrains (E)
  • Seared beef fillet & red pepperoncini, la chinata, salsa rossa, red elk leaves (M)
  • Hot chocolate soufflé & raw cocoa sauce, mint chocolate ice cream (E)
  • Selection of cheese & agave fruit pickle, walnut bread, seeded lavosh (M)

The raw cocoa sauce with my souffle was particularly good and amazingly rich.

You can go just for drinks and get similar views, and they have a cheaper bar menu too. I’d totally recommend it for a special occasion. I will definitely be thinking about taking our next lot of visitors up there, even if its just for drinks (that’s you Horsham gang!) To go up the Tower Eye for the view without any food is about $30, so you can probably get a couple of pricey drinks for that.

Who else is going to come and see it?


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