View over Wollongong

View over Illawara valley to Wollongong

On our way home from Jervis Bay we went via the ‘Ilawara Fly’.

We noticed a leaflet about it at the tourist info. Not only was it half way home, but it was also covered by our annual Merlin passes, so we got free entry.

You drive up a ultra wiggly windy road in the Southern Highlands up to the Jamberoo Lookout with awesome views back to the coast and Wollongong. We had a quick picnic stop there. 

The Illawara Fly has nothing to do with flying – the name is pretty confusing! Basically its a 1.5km walk including a raised walkway where you end up about 40-50m above the ground amongst the trees, with good views back down the valley to the coast. There’s a tower to climb up and some signs about the local vegetation.

It was worth a visit, but i’m definitely glad we went with our Merlin passes, as its really wasn’t worth the $24 normal entry price for basically a walk with a good view. We also got a free coffee by spending more than $5 on tea and an ice cream becasue of having the Merlin passes, so overall a total bargain!


On the walkway


  1. Is that the same Merlin that run all the sites in the UK? Alton Towers, London dungeons etc?

  2. Ahhh Pal – My Ipad’s poor typing alter-ego!

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