Palm Beach

Palm Beach from Barrenjoey

Palm Beach is about a 45 minute drive from our place.

Palm Beach is a pretty affluent area and where they film Home and Away. The beach is attached to a massive bit of rock called Barrenjoey Head with a lighthouse on top. From the air the whole thing makes a mushroom shape, with water on both sides. To the east is the Tasman Sea, and to the west is an inlet which looks over to West Head and the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park.

We went for a walk up Barrenjoey Head and went on the half hourly tour of the lighthouse which runs from 11am – 3pm on Sundays. For $3 it was a bargain (although you also have to pay about $5 an hour for parking). You got to see old photos of the area and go up the tower. The views our to see and Ku-Ring-Gai were good (if windy) and we even spotted evidence of a few whales out at sea.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

After the walk we had lunch at the The Boat House which is right next to the pier where they film Home and Away. It was very busy, and justifiably so as the food was both excellent and massive! (We had calamari, steak sandwiches, chips, massive smoothie and of course some tea). We managed to grab a seat outside with prime waterfront views across to Ku-Ring-Gai. I’d definitely advise eating after the walk, we were too stuffed for much afterwards!

View from the Boat House cafe

View from the Boat House cafe

Barrenjoey also has climbing, which Matt will get around to writing about sooner or later!


  1. Too cool! This looks amazing. And still really sunny! Aren’t you meant to be having winter now? X

    • Yup, winters shaping up just fine – weirdly eventually I think I might miss frost! It was a tiny bit chilly in the wind, but then you expect that by the sea!

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