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Vivid is a light festival in Sydney which happens every year (see here). It is cool!

I went on several trips to go and take photos, and here are some of my favorites.


They project a show onto the side of the Opera House which replays about every 20 mins. This year it included pinball, bond girls, animal prints, scary clowns and even fireworks.

Some of the other buildings around are lit up too, like Customs House – I didn’t have my tripod for this though.


The Bridge is only lit up on the far side, so no pics of that unfortunately, just some more Opera House!


There were all sorts of other smaller displays like flowers which light up more when you make noise and a ‘planet under construction’ made of traffic cones.


It was well worth the trip although Sunday night was mentally busy so I’d certainly recommend trying to go in the week.


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  1. This looks amazing! X

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