Quote from our Youth Hostel in Melbourne

Quote from our Youth Hostel in Melbourne

On our mammoth Summermas holiday I spent some time reflecting why I like travelling and seeing new places. The hostel we were in in Melbourne had a lot of people in their 20s with maps and leaflets who generally seemed to be off on adventures as well.

I was tempted by a gap year before Uni but never had one, safe I knowledge I could go travelling later. But despite a lot of excellent holidays and short trips, I never really did the whole travelling adventure thing. Maybe that explains our emigration now.

I enjoy seeing new places and also meeting new people when I’m brave enough to talk to them and not all British and reserved! I’m not really sure why, I just find it a stimulating experience to see new places and do new things and I have just a general curiosity about other places in the world. Maybe that’s my inner geographer. I think you can learn a lot from seeing other places and different ways of doing things, thinking and living.

So I don’t really have a conclusion other than I like seeing new places and hope I can carry on doing it for a long time! The worlds a big place after all.

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