We have been here in Oz one year today now. Here’s a look back at what we’ve been up to so far.

Way back in February we left the UK on the 12th, having not had snow long before, and arrived on the 14th at silly o clock. We got sorted in a temporary flat in Glebe for the first month and got in with acclimatising to the heat, checking out the different food in the ships,learning what stuff cost, setting up all our finances, started out new jobs and of course went flat hut gong for somewhere to live! We also saw our first semi-wild kangaroo in a nature reserve and a giant diamon python!

In early March we moved into our new flat and spent a weekend with a hire car buying bits and pieces so we could live in it – plates, pillows, food, towels, pots and pans, all that malarkey. After a couple of weeks we got our fridge delivered, followed closely by the wooden lounge furniture and new corner sofa – it was an expensive month! ~Matts sister Lizzie and her friend Steph stayed for a few days after that – good timing! We had our first trip to the Blue Mountains over Easter, camping in a  tent my boss lent us and I discovered the wonder of chocolate hot cross buns

In April we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the Opera House and had the excitement of Container Day when all our stuff from the UK turned up!

In May I made myself an epic 4 layer birthday cake and we tried out snorkelling. We checked out lots of exciting animals at Taronga Zoo for my birthday too.

June was the super cool Vivid light festival and my friend Ellie came to stay from the UK. The family expanded to include Jeffrey the car.

July was a fairly wet month with a lot of board games. We also had a pretty chilly ‘Christmas in July’ up in the Blue Mountains with the Rockies climbing club.

We took another step on the road to Australian integration in August by buying an Esky and spent a long weekend down the coast in Jervis Bay with a lot of wild kangaroos (very exciting) and the whitest sand in the world.

Our first trip to the Hunter Valley wine area was in September, followed closely by another one in October where we hired bikes and cycled around. We went to a lovely restaurant (Sails at Lavender Bay) for our second wedding anniversary with views of the bridge and opera house .Matt competed in a Dragon Boat race with Thales and we got some plants to brighten the patio up a bit.

After being given a Wombat Guarantee we headed for the Wolgan Valley in October for some climbing and a sheep road, and I was not disappointed. We also got our BBQ which we have been using a lot ever since.

November was pretty busy. Phil and Rhiannon visited us from the UK which was excellent, and we hijacked some of their holiday to visit Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and Grampians with them. We also had a visit from Kat Banyard and spent a weekend down in Canberra checking out museums.

Of course in December it was time for Summermas (hot Christmas) and a holiday around Tasmania with lots of wildlife, walks, countryside and food.

Summermas continued into January with a road trip back up the Sydney from Melbourne, we went back to work again and we went to see the Lion King show.

And here we are, one year on! We have decided to stay another year as there’s so much else to see and do, so were busy trying to see if we can find a place to rent in a different area with a view now. Rather than just summarising what we’ve done, stay tuned for another post on some thoughts about how it’s been going so far.

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