Me surfing!!

So April is here. Matt’s out of hospital getting around on crutches. He’s had his cast off and has a fancy moon boot now which he can take on and off. We’re going back to the hospital at the end of he month to get an Xray of the screws and see how the healing is going.

Liking: We had Matt’s sister Lizzie and her boyfriend Ed come to stay which was good. Of course we got up to lots of fun things, including a trip up the coast to Port Stephens where we had a really fun surf lesson! I actually got to be able to stand up, although only in very small waves. I also had fun with a borrowed jet washer blasting the balcony clean!

Disliking: Matt can’t go very far on the crutches so I’m doing a lot of waiting on him and driving to the pub which is getting frustrating.

Watching: We powered through game Of Thrones Season 4 on DVD, which I LOVED. We’ve subscribed to Netflix free trail now so have been watching a new series called Daredevil and a few movies.

Playing: We had a bit of a games night with my friend Penny where we based through Munchkin Loot Letter, Contagion and Last Night on Earth. We celebrated International Table Top Day too up the coast, playing Citadels and Loot Letter with Ed and Lizzie.

Reading: I’m actually not reading a book at the moment and keep going to bed too tired to be bothered starting a new one!

Creme Egg Brownies

Creme Egg Brownies

Consuming: I made some creme egg brownies for Easter which were tastier than the looked! My friend Mel and I went on a day out around the posh suburb of Mosman and down to Balmoral beach where we had a yummy lunch and a pretty awesome mocha cake! We went with Lizzie and Ed to the Messina dessert bar and it turned out the Paddington Bear ice cream i ordered (with chocolate gelato, marmalade, French toast and buttery biscuit topping) came with a free Paddington Bear DVD! I created Matt a dessert with chocolate gelato, white chocolate sauce, popping candy, caramel popcorn and a hot pastry thing filled with more caramel.

My dessert bar creation for Matt

My dessert bar creation for Matt

Buying: I bought a Fitbit to track my steps. I’m only on day two but i’ll also be using it for the Global Corporate Challenge we have coming up at work where we’re all meant to get active and be more healthy. I need to make sure i’m active after all the yummy things I keep eating!

Thinking about: Its only about six weeks till our trip back to the UK! This year has flown by!

Visiting: We spent a weekend up the coast in Port Stephens which was really good. We had an awesome Saturday of: BBQ bacon and egg rolls for breakfast; mini-golf which Matt won despite his broken ankle; Tim Tams and tea; a surf lesson; burgers and beer; some rock climbing; pizzas, wine, Eton mess and board games! There is even photographic evidence of me stood up on a surf board!

Missing: Mini Eggs. They have them here but they taste wrong. And as an aside so do the creme eggs, although I find them too sweet these days.

Looking forward to: In May we’re going to see our first AFL game which should be fun, and going to do lawn bowls for a collegue who’s going back to the UK with work as a leaving do.



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