Icing penguin I made

Icing penguin I made

Here’s the August round up. Cake features heavily.

Liking: We’ve been on  some good walks recently, including a 10km-ish loop around Manly Reservoir with some pretty exciting geocaches. At the start of the month I went on a mini adventure up the Sunshine Coast which was good, whilst staying up in Brisbane for work over a weekend. I had a few days off work and tried nmy hand at sugarcraft – making cake decorations with icing. I really enjoyed doing that and seeing all the cute creations.

Disliking: I’ve been away a fair bit working in Brisbane, including 10 days in a row in a hotel in a fairly inconvenient place on the wrong side of town, with not much near by. On the plus side, it was warm up in Brissie and the office there is nicer than Sydney.

Watching: Being away I’ve continued with Greys Anatomy on the IPad and am now up to early Season 5. I’ve also just started the Great British Bake Off on iplayer, although our internet is having trouble streaming it which is frustrating.

Playing: Our latest game is Smallworld, which I first played in the UK with Bex and Paul. Its a really good game, with lots of variety and loads of expansions as well. Today we bought Net Runner which we need to read the massive rule book for.

Consuming: I’ve been eating out a fair bit in Brisbane, including at the English themed Pig and Whistle pub where I was pleased to have vinegar with my chips :-). We have just got back from a weekend at a friends place in the Blue Mountains where we had a Bake Off. We had dinner with roast lamb, pumpkin pie with home grown pumpkin (both entrants in the bake off) and an awesome pasta side followed by eight, yes, eight cakes! I enjoy making cake and of course eating cake, but even I’ll admit eight was too many!

My entry was a 4 layer sponge cake which I’d done before with vanilla, caramel, choc caramel and chocolate layers, with chocolate butter cream and decorated with an Australian animal theme. I enjoyed learning the new skill of sugarcraft and won the bake off – woo! 😀 My animals were slightly too big really, and I’m not sure what to do with them all now! They’re certainly too sweet to eat, as High found out by testing Walter the Wombat. RIP Walter. I’ll do a separate post about my cake.

The other cakes were: chocolate brioche (my favourite); peanut butter chocolate brownies (made by Matt); sticky date pudding; pear and ginger cake; lemon cupcakes; gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies.

Walker the icing wombat

Walker the icing wombat

Buying: Matt’s ordered a rain gauge to go with our weather meter, but it’s not here yet.

Thinking about: After the Bake Off, which involved bottling and drinking home brew; Matt’s thinking about setting up his own home brewing production line.

Visiting: On the Sunshine Coast I went to Noosa, Australia Zoo, the Glasshouse Mountains and the Big Pineapple. More about those in another post.

Missing: Sid! I went to Brissie for 10 days and when I got back, Sid the golden orb weaver spider – who lives on balcony number 2 – was gone! Some of his web and food supply is still there. Sid was a good pet. He needed no looking after, stayed within the confines of his web outside and slowly taught me not to be so petrified of spiders (except when he suddenly moved very fast which I never got used to). We don’t know if Sid went off to explore new plants, or got hurt in the bad weather. I’m hoping the first one. Who would have thought I’d feel sad not to see a spider! I’d post a picture of him, but I never got around to taking a good one.

Looking forward to: We’re heading on a three night tour around Kings Canyon and Uluru in September which I’m excited about. I’m hoping the tock is as big as I expect.



  1. Hi Elly & Matt,

    I may not comment often but enjoy reading all of your updates. Hope the Home Brew is a success, I find you have to leave it a few months to bottle condition to get the flavour right.

    I’ve seen Smallworld it looks a good game, I have just bought Munchkin Quest – after vague memories of playing Munchkin with you both in Swanage.

    All the best – Charles

    • We do have Munchkin Quest but it isn’t nearly as good as Smallworld.

    • Thanks Charles. We’ll let you know how we get on in due course. Matts still drinking beer to get the empties at the moment. I love Munchkin but it is quite involved and the Quest version is too. Takes a while to get the hang of it. We haven’t played it in a while so will have to dig it out the back of the cupboard soon!

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