Girls Night!


Liking: I had a girls night out with my friends Mel and Karen which was great fun. We ended up dancing till late and eating pizza at Frankie’s bar in the city which plays some cool tunes! We’ve also done a few canyons which I find amazing. I’ll write a separate post up on them.

Disliking: Builders have taken over our balcony! They are doing work on the face of the building, so have set up a swinging stage off scaffolding from our balcony. We’ve asked the landlord for a rent reduction becasue of the disruption, so fingers crossed for that!

Scaffolding on the balcony

Scaffolding on the balcony

Watching: We watched the first two Hobbit films on DVD again before seeing the third at the cinema. Now we’re working our way through the extended editions of LOTR as follow on. Each one is about 4 hours, so we’ve only got through the first one so far (in two sittings). I’ve also been getting into Silent Witness on the iPlayer.

Playing: Our latest new game is Smash Up! Its a card based deck building game where you can be Alien Dinosaurs, Zombie Pirates, Trickster Wizards or any other combination you fancy!

Reading: I’ve just read a book called The Letter by Kathryn Hughes. I paid £1 for it on a special Amazon deal. It was pretty well written compared to the free books I often read. Its about a woman in an abusive relationship who finds an old love letter in a coat at a charity shop, talking about a baby. She tracks down the people involved in the letter and the story of what happened to them all unravels in parallel with her own relationship issues.

Beetroot chocolate brownies

Beetroot chocolate brownie

Consuming: I’ve been having a healthy February, but wanted to make some cake for a girly get together, so I made ‘healthy’  (*relative to normal ones) beetroot brownies. It was quite red going in the oven, but came out nice and brown. You couldn’t taste the beetroot at all and the texture was really really moist – you need a fork to eat them! Although they were rick they were fairly light too. I shoved some Toffiee’s in the top – becasue why not?! I don’t know I’d make them again becasue its a bit of a weird thing to cook, but glad I gave it a try. The recipe is here, and I agree with the other reviewers they take longer to bake, even in our oven which zaps everything.



Buying: I bought myself a new handbag with some Christmas money. Look how seahorsey it is! 🙂

Thinking about: I’ve started my new job and its going well, so lots of new things to think about with that.

Visiting: Canyons! So far we have done Jugglers Canyon, Grand Canyon and Gobsmacker Canyon. We’ve had issues with the camera on each one (forgetting it and then breaking it), so not many pics I’m afraid.

Gobsmacker Canyon

Gobsmacker Canyon

Missing: Going out in Sydney made me miss the excellence of some of the good old Southampton night-spots, where the music is brilliant, the people are less overly self-obsessed and the vibe is totally cheesy!

Looking forward to: Coming up in March we’re going to the Melbourne Grand Prix. At the end of the month we’ve got a long weekend for Easter, so we’ll be making some plans for that too.

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