Ay caramba! from Messina dessert bar

Ay caramba! from Messina dessert bar

Liking: We had Jane, John and Hannah short to visit which was great. We had lots of adventures, and played lots of board games 🙂 We also went on a sailing trip with Andrew on the Harbour. It was a really good day out, with a bit of added drama when the rudder broke right off the boat on the way back! We floated for a while, and had to be towed back to the mooring by the marine rescue people!

Disliking: It’s pretty hot now. I still hate the feel of sun cream. Our place gets way more sun than our last one, so it gets pretty warm inside. We’ll be investing soon in a good fan for the bedroom to help us sleep at night. I got a basic one for free from the basement, but it has no timer so we have to have it on all night.

Watching: We saw the Imitation Game at the Moonlight outdoor cinema which was really good. The film was very engaging and Benedict Cumberbatch played Turing really well. We went for the Gold Grass bean bag seats this time, which were super comfy and watched the bats flying around, including getting involved in the film! We’re also going to watch some 20:20 cricket, which apparently is more entertaining and faster than normal cricket.

Playing: We’ve played a lot of games with the Shorts. Ticket to Ride was a popular one, and we also went through Smallworld, Agricola, Loot Letter, Munchkin and Monopoly Draw.

Reading: On holiday in New Zealand I read Gone Girl. I’ve not seen the film yet but the book was very good. There were big plot developments in most of the chapters which kept you guessing and interested right the way through. I really enjoyed it although was a bit let down at the end.

Consuming: We’ve eaten a lot of yummy stuff recently, including: dinner at the O Bar with some great views, cheese in the Hunter Valley, cheese picnics at the outdoor cinema and new years, pavlova Jane made, macaroons Hannah made, burgers from the new place The Burger Project, dessert from the Messina Desert Bar (see above) and dumplings from Din Tai Fung.

Buying: After stealing the idea from some friends, we’ve invested in some very light, very compact camping chairs and tables. They’ll be really good for camping without taking up too much space and if we go to outdoor stuff over the summer.

Thinking about: My new job. I wasn’t really enjoying my last role, so I’ve got a new job starting late January. Fingers crossed it works out well! 🙂

Visiting: After New Zealand, over the Christmas break we took our visitors to Watsons Bay in Sydney, the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains. More about that soon.

Missing: The Shorts now they’ve gone! Marmite supplies are restricted now though, so we won’t be missing that too much for a while.

Looking forward to: We’ve just booked a trip down to Melbourne in March to watch the Grand Prix which should be fun.


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