July as been pretty action packed. We had a flat warming for our new place, welcomed our friends Chris and Naomi who have been backpacking down the east coast, and had my Uni PhD friend Dr Ellie for about 10 days. We’ve had lots of adventures, all alongside being away in Brisbane with work quite a bit for a bid. We’re about to have a ‘Christmas in July’ night too for the coldest day. Its currently wet but still about 18 degrees. Here’s a summary.

Liking: Having friends over and socialising. Having people to stay is a great excuse to do fun stuff, especially if they’ve been to Sydney before so you can do new things. Recently I’ve had a lot of sociable cakes and cocktails 🙂

Disliking: Being away with work. Brisbane is getting kinda boring now. Next week I’m in a different hotel location though so that’ll mix things up a bit.

Watching: I’ve stocked up on Greys Anatomy on my IPad and am getting through that while I’m away at a fair old pace. I’ve just finished Season 2.

Playing: We bought our latest game on a wet Saturday afternoon in Dubbo, when we’d been rained off from the zoo. Its called Red November, and involved a series of gnomes trying to save a sinking submarine. It took us a few goes to get our heads around all the rules, but once you do that its quite good. With friends over we’ve had a few games of Cards Against Humanity too which is great fun!

Consuming: I’ve been up in Brisbane with work so had a lot of meals out. I introduced a colleague to Morton Bay Bugs which are yummy and also had some very nice tapas (the Wagyu beef sticky buns were great). Back in Sydney, Ellie and I tried out the Adriano Zumbo cake shop and had cocktails 47 floors up in the O Bar overlooking the city. The Breakfast Martini was my favourite – it had marmelade in it (not bacon and eggs). We also checked out a cool bar called the Soda Factory with my other friend Mel which was very hip, with a cool live band and food in a basket! (But better than the Bacton Gas Terminal Caravan Park kind, Jane!) For Christmas in July I’m making some mince pies (they smell great) and instead of turkey a ‘Beer Can Chicken’.

Hot Tub selfie

Hot Tub selfie

Buying: Not a lot. We bought some chemicals for the hot tub. And some new rucksacks as our old one died.

Thinking about: Holidays. We’re doing some planning about holidays at the moment, to see about buying leave for next year. We only get 20 days basic, and have to use 6 at Christmas for the shut downs, which doesn’t leave a lot, especially if you factor in a trip to the UK.

Visiting: We’ve been on a trip to Port Stephens and taken a trip around the harbour in a sea plane. More about those in future posts though.

Missing: Sounds weird, but curtains. When its a bit cold inside they somehow make it seem warmer, but we only have blinds.

Looking forward to: I’m spending a weekend in Brisbane for work in August, so going to take a trip to Australia zoo. Also coming up in August we have a trip to the new ‘Escape Room’ in Sydney. Its sort of like a hour long mystery game on the Crystal Maze. that you play in pairs. Details here. 


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