Matts backslap plaster

Matts backslap plaster

March was going pretty well, and then Matt had a fall one evening when he was bouldering and broke his ankle! I started this post before that, so here’s some information on the other things we were doing before we started hanging out in the hospital!

Liking: We recently went to the fun fair and the water park. It was good fun screaming and giggling like a child on all the rides!

Disliking: Obviously all the broken ankle hospital faff tops the list here. But also the two week scaffolding is still on our balcony after 5 weeks. Grrrr. We helped out this year with the Rockies Climbing Club for Clean Up Australia Day and picked up a LOT of rubbish from a climbing area in the south of Sydney. The fact people dump so much rubbish annoys me. Apparently you have to pay here to take anything to the tip, so probably that doesn’t help the problem, but the Council do pick up junk from collection points outside people’s houses so there is really no excuse.

Watching: We saw Jupiter Rising at the cinema, which was OK. We’re also nearly finished on the final series of Breaking Bad. I’ve also been loving both the Comic Relied Bake Off (some of the celebs baking are atrocious) and The Casual Vacancy. I read the book of the Casual Vacancy a fair while ago. The series is so West Country sounding it makes me nostalgic.

Playing: Out latest game is Forbidden Desert, where you play explorers lost in a sand storm in the desert and have to find all the broken bits of your ship to escape without dying of thirst or getting buried in the storm. Its quite simple but good, and conveniently fits on a hospital table.

Reading: I’m on a free kindle book at the moment – not particularly noteworthy.

Consuming: A very yummy High Tea and the HydroMajestic hotel in the Blue Mountains and a pretty good (if I say so myself) lemon yoghurt poppyseed cake made by me! Matt’s been eating hospital which he scored about 2.5/10. Maybe my food will get extra good scores when he gets home!



Buying: Not a lot really. I bought a big 20 litre jerry can water container for remote camping trips, but we wont be needing it this weekend now I don’t think!

Thinking about: How accidents can mess up your plans and your health. And changes to our plans for the weekends coming up, most of which need two functioning ankles!

Visiting: We’ve done some more canyons including Fortress Canyon which has a truly awesome view of a 70m waterfall at the end, and Bowens Creek Upper South, which had an exciting cave section. I’ll do a whole post on canyoning soon.


Missing: We’ve been watching Top Gear on iPlayer, and on one episode they were playing Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 in the background. I miss Jeremy so might have to catch up on his radio show online soon. I also randomly had a thought about Mr Kipling fondant fancies the other day which you can;t get here. In fact I haven’t seen any kind of fondant fancy and now I want one! I’ll put it on the list for our visit in June. More recently I’ve been missing having Matt at home!

Looking forward to: When Matt gets out of hospital and when his cast finally comes off!


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