Rosie and me

Rosie and me

May has been pretty busy with some big stuff – starting a new job and moving house. Here’s a run down.

Liking: Its good to have a purpose and some work to do again.

Disliking: The expense of moving has added up more than I thought too and I’m hoping we get most of our old deposit back. Also spending too much time on the phone to utility companies.

Watching and playing: We’re on Breaking Bad Series 3 now. We also subscribed so we can get iPlayer and with the Chromecast we can put it on the telly, so we’ve been watching some Top Gear, Have I Got News for You and the Australia documentary too. Board Game wise we have the Alvin and Dexter expansion for Ticket to Ride which is pretty tactical and also pretty silly. 

Consuming: Everything in the freezer! We need to defrost it to move, so recently we’ve had a lot of frozen things to eat.

Buying: Flights – we are booked up for a week on the Barrier Reef in November, with friends from the UK, including 2 nights out on a boat which I’m super excited about.

Thinking about:  I’m a bit worried we won’t fit all our things well in the new place, as it has one less bedroom and the other two are both smaller. We’ll see! I’ve been busy organising moving the utilities, sorting a van, boxes and all that moving stuff.

Visiting: We went for a day trip climbing in the mountains. After we hit the pub for some dinner before driving back, and I met Rosie, the 1 year old rescue wombat.She was being looked after there until she was big enough to go to the sanctuary. I got to pat her a lot and then got to hold her for a nice long time too which was amazing! I still have a big grin about it.

Missing: I’m definitely missing having a lie in like I did when I was unemployed. The first two weeks of work weren’t too bad, but it really hit me in the third one.

Looking forward to: Getting into the new place. It has a walk in wardrobe, and a hot tub which I’m pretty excited about sitting in! There;s a nice big outside balcony so we’ll be having a house warming and entertaining out there. In June there’s a long weekend which we’re going away for down the coast to Nowra, and later in the month we’re heading to the Western Plains zoo at Dubbo, on the edge of the outback.


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