Our Horsham visitors

Liking: Its almost warm enough for the sea now in Sydney, and we had a good snorkelling trip to Gordons Bay recently to practice for the reef. From the middle of November we had 5 Horsham friends over to visit us, which was really excellent! 🙂 More posts about that coming soon.

Disliking: Work is slooow at the moment, which is making me bored. I’ve had some days off though, so that helped. Back in October I realised with 2 days to go it was the tax return deadline, so didn’t enjoy that very much either! They seem to owe me a fair refund though, so if the estimate is good that’ll be a nice Christmas bonus.

Watching: I had a sick day with a cold and watched Maleficent. After our reef trip we had to re-watch Finding Nemo.

Playing: Our latest game pre-holiday was called Rampage. Its simple, OK for kids to play and is basically dragons going around a city destroying it and eating Meeples (people). I’m not very good at it! Apparently its not officially called Rampage any more because of a law suit, and is actually called Meeple something instead now. When our UK visitors came we accidentally bought 3 new games and played a lot of them on holiday. Loot Letter is very portable, quick and simple – its a Munchkin version of Love Letter. We also got Contagion which is good – its like Pandemic but you play the disease and try and infect the world!

Reading (new!): The latest book I read was The First 15 Lives of Harry August. Its about a man who is reborn over and over again, in the same place and time and remembers everything. There’s a few people like it, including a baddie who tries to do bad things. It was an interesting idea, but a bit confusing and the ending was a bit of a let down.

Consuming: I had 10 days without consuming bread, cheese or biscuits. It was hard, and sort of pointless. We tried batch 1 and batch 2 of the home brew, and they both got pretty good ratings.

Buying: I got my new phone finally and am enjoying the Appleness of it.

Thinking about: Our Christmas trip to NZ and the Shorts coming to visit for New Year. December’s going to be pretty busy!

Turtle on the Great Barrier Reef

Turtle on the Great Barrier Reef

Visiting: Loads! We’ve done a lot in Sydney with visitors, including the Blue Mountains, O Bar, another Escape Room and hanging out in the hot tub! Not only that, we’ve also been on holiday up to Cairns, the Barrier Reef and Port Douglas too.

Missing: Our friends who went back home. Having visitors is excellent – until they go!

Looking forward to: November was a pretty awesome month.In December for the compulsory Christmas shut down we are off for a week in New Zealand (North Island) and then have the Shorts visiting for a week, so definitely a lot more to look forward to before 2014 is over.

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