Liking: Finishing by Brisbane bid so I can spend some time in Sydney for a while – woo! Also, it was the Wolgan Sheep Roast weekend which was excellent again and included a wombat ūüôā

Disliking: Evenings alone in my Brisbane hotel room. I don’t mind some me time at all, but it got a bit dull by the end.

Watching: We went to see Bill Bailey Limboland tour live in Sydney, and even saw him out the front before hand. It was good, although I have to say not as funny as last time I saw time live. I also finished the British Bake Off on iPlayer and am now watching the Apprentice on that.

Playing:  Our latest game is a small card game called Citadels. We picked it for something small to take on trips with us. After beating Matt the first time, he got much more tactical and slightly evil and beat me by miles the second time. Its a medieval themed city building game, with a lot of tactics and seems pretty good so far. It comes automatically with a couple of expansion cards too to mix it up a bit.

Consuming: I’ve spent a lot of time in Brisbane, so mainly food from the hotel and restaurants near the hotel.

Buying: For our third anniversary present (leather themed) I got some nice chocolate brown Ugg boots. Not the right time of year here, but come winter they will keep my feet lovely and toastie warm.

Thinking about: Upcoming trips – we’re going to have a busy November.

Visiting: We went to the Wolgan valley again for the annual Sheep Roast with the Rockies climbing club which was good fun again. There were a lot of roos and wallabies this time, although only one alive wombat. It was a super cute one though.

Missing:¬†Its got properly hot here now. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I am missing being a comfortable temperature rather than too hot, especially at night.

Looking forward to: In November we have 5 visitors coming over from Horsham in the UK. I’m very excited and looking forward to some time¬†with them here in Sydney¬†(including two days off work from having worked a¬†Public¬†Holiday, woo)¬†and then a week up on the Reef. ūüėÄ

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