Here’s a run down on September.

Liking: After three weeks of pretty wet weather, it’s finally starting to warm up and spring is on the way. 🙂 We did a long coastal walk which was good, starting and ending with a scenic half hour ferry ride.

Disliking: Jellyfish on the beach – a lot of them. Not sure what they were exactly but we decided not to go for a dip!

Watching: I’ve been getting through more Greys Anatomy on the ipad when I’m away in Brissie and we caught the latest Xmen film on the plane to Alice Springs. We watched Transcendence with Johnny Depp on DVD which was pretty good too.

Playing:  Our latest game has been Netrunner. It’s pretty geeky and has a very big rule book. It takes a few goes to get the hang of it, but it’s actually pretty good once you get past the geeky computer references. It’s for two players, basically a defender and an attacker (a hacker). Once I got to be the attacker I enjoyed it much more! There are lots of different combinations with it, so we still have many more to try.

Consuming: I’ve done a couple of very yummy bakes recently including ginger and lime cheesecake bars and some lemon curd fairy cakes. Ummm,cake!

Also it was our third wedding anniversary this month (how time flies) so we went to another fancy restaurant, this time humorously called Oscillate Wildly. It has one chefs hat and looked pretty funny in the calendar. They only do an 8 course degustation menu and don’t tell you in advance what you’re getting so it’s a surprise. My two favourite things were 1) the 100% wagyu beef steak with shitake mushrooms, sesame dressing and a crispy leaf – soooo good and 2) gin and tonic compressed into a big slice of sugar cane, served in a glass of ice. You basically munched but didn’t actually eat the sugar cane and it tasted of very very yummy gin and tonic.

Buying: The rain guage Matt ordered came, about the time it stopped raining much. Apart from that I’m thinking about getting a new phone as mine is dying and with a new contract I can get some international minutes chucked in too.

Thinking about: Nothing in particular! Right now after a relaxing day of baking, eating cake, chatting and sitting in the hot tub I’m thinking about (but battling the urge for) a nap.

Visiting: We went on a three night break to the red centre including Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta and Uluru which was really good. More about those in upcoming posts.

Missing:  After three 5am starts for our tour I’m missing sleep! Looking forward to a big Sunday lie in this weekend.

Looking forward to: We have tickets to see Bill Bailey on on tour in Sydney in October, which I’m pretty excited about.

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