View from Balls Head

View from Balls Head

Ten minutes on the train towards the city, and then a ten / fifteen minute walk is Balls Head Reserve. Its a piece of bushland in the city, right on the North Shore of the Harbor  You can walk about on a couple of trails, with lots of rocks and plants. In a few places the path goes down by the water, where you get some really cool views across the Harbor to the city and the Harbor Bridge.

At the entrance is a cool giant wide tunnel where they use to load coal into trains. There are still all the chutes in the roof and you can walk through the gloom and damp into the park.

There are picnic spots (one by a cave which looked very cool), aboriginal drawings and a giant tunnel you can walk through which used to be a train line. There was a spider with a giant web too, which I didn’t appreciate – Matt took its picture and I went and waited a safe distance away where I couldn’t see it!

Verdict: 7/10. A nice spot of countryside in the city, near our flat, with excellent views. I expect we will go back before too long.

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