We went recently to see the Blue Man Group at The Star in Sydney.

I wasn’t very familiar with them before Matt suggested it, but after a bit of You Tube learning and finding out it was only $50 a ticket we thought we’d give it a go.

The show is really hard to describe. Things it included were:

  • Three men all painted in blue who don’t speak
  • Drumming on lots of things including pipes and drums covered in paint
  • Hijinx with paints
  • Clever projection with animations
  • Scary audience participation (luckily we weren’t picked)
  • Comedy type sketches
  • Giant bouncing lit up balls and streamers in the audience whilst dancing

I think it was worth $50, but I’m glad we didn’t pay more than that. The drumming bit was really good, especially on the pipes and I liked the projection bits too, but I wasn’t convinced by the comedy. We were sat fairly far back so probably didn’t get the full experience.

Overall verdict: 6.5/10. Worth a trip if you get a cheap ticket

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