My trusty kindle

My trusty kindle

Before I get into the topic of my recent readings, I’ll start with a confession.

I have a kindle and I love it. My mum used to be a librarian, Matt’s dad works in printing so there’s a bit of a book bias in the family! I hate reading things on a computer screen, so if I have much to read at work I do tend to print things out. I love the smell and feel of a nice old book so wasn’t convinced about the kindle at first, but now I am totally converted. The main reasons I like it are:

  • The e-ink is just like reading a real book – no glare or computer like qualities at all
  • You can fit so many books in one small space – perfect for holidays travelling and even the train to work
  • Loads of books are FREE – yes, free. Those published before a certain date and those from new authors don’t cost you a penny and
  • Its easy to hold – no pages to fiddle with

So there you are. I read a lot of books on the Kindle, My favorite genres are fantasy and crime, with some non fiction and easy reading thrown in for good measure. Here’s some of the books I’ve read recently:

Game of Thrones (all 5 books), George R.R. Martin: These are awesome! I read them all before seeing the two series on TV. I can’t wait till the next book, although I’ve sort of forgotten where it all got too. The characters are well developed and I love all the fantasy stuff with dragons and mythical lands. The names f people and places in books can be a bit hard to follow, so probably watching the TV show first would help give you an idea of how it all fits together. We will be watching Series 3 soon!

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein: I read this last year ahead of the film coming out again, after reading it first in Primary school (I was an advanced reader!). I love it almost as much as GOT.

The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling:  I read this quite recently. For me the book was a real contrast between two sides of the story. On the one hand was the banal small village politics of local Councils and on the other was a gritty, and at times harrowing story about the teenagers and children around the village who get involved in drugs, self harm, unprotected underage sex, abuse and death. It was though provoking and I was interested that JK Rowling could write well about some pretty hardcore issues.

Life of Pi, Yann Martel:  I haven’t seen the film of this, so the book had me a bit confused at first as its a bit obscure and philosophical / religious. I’m glad I persevered though, its a great story. Who can’t like a book with a tiger called Richard Parker?

The Penal Colony, Richard Herley: This was a random Kindle book, about a man sent to a Penal colony on a remote Scottish Island. There are no guards and people have to spend the first week fending for themselves in the wild before they are accepted into the colonies. I really enjoyed this book as it was a bit different.

What have you read recently? Any recommendations for me?

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