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On our quest for things to do indoors in Sydney, we went recently to the Imax in Darling Harbour to see the new Superman film.

According to the website its the biggest screen in the world! I can believe it – its gigantic! We at about 4 rows from the back, and you still couldn’t see the whole screen without moving your head about. I wouldn’t have wanted to be much further forward. It was totally immersing, and the 3D worked very well on the huge, curved screen. Unfortunately I always need a wee (and yes, I do go before the film starts), and because the rows were about 80 seats long with no aisle I had to cross my legs for most of the second half! 

The film itself was good. There was quite a lot of back-story about how superman ended up on Earth which I liked, Russell Crowe was good, the 3D worked very well rather than being an add on gimmick although the Lois Laine character wasn’t very inspiring. There were a few slightly dodgy bits of plot, but no more than most action films! Definitely worth a watch.

At $30 a ticket is not cheap, but considering the cinema in Sydney is about $20 normally its not so bad in comparison.

Verdict: 8.5/10 (but pick your film and seats carefully).

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