For our first wedding anniversary (yes that’s right, the first one, in September 2012), Matt bought me tickets to see the Lion King musical. We went in Jan 2014!

Let me explain. The Lion King was on in London at the time and I’d been keen to see it for a while. Matt decided we’d buy tickets together so we could agree the date. But because of our busy social life at the end of 2012, spending most of December in New Zealand and then an incredibly busy first 6 weeks of 2013 before emigrating to Australia we never found time to go.

But I’m not one to forget a present, and luckily the Lion King is now showing in Sydney so of course I was owed a trip! We went on Friday night so grabbed some food first after work and headed on in. The Show was at the Capitol Theatre in central Sydney, which is the main theatre and opened back in 1928 (see here for more history). I have to say the inside is not to my taste at all! Its very decorative, but to me looked like it was done by a dodgy builder with sub-standard plastering and painting skills (sorry!).

The show itself was excellent. At the beginning and at various points int he show the animals and cast sing and dance their way down the aisles. Noticing this the first time was cool, especially when I turned around some more to see a giant elephant coming down our asile! The show itself has a lot of great dancing and choreography as well as the well known songs. There was a drummer at each side of the stage lifted up so you could see them which was also good.

My favorite thing was the costumes for the animals. Lots of them were really good, and looked and moved just like the real animals. I particularly liked:

  • The giraffes – These were one person bent over with stilts on their arms and legs with their back angled like a giraffe and a big puppet head.It must have been pretty hard for them to walk around and I was impressed
  • The cheetah – This was one lady at the back of the puppet cheetah who controlled its movement with poles. It moved and slinked along just like a real one.
  • The gazelles – To do a herd of gazelles each person had a gazelle model on their heads and each of their arms. They bobbed up and down and moved their arms to make them run like a herd which looked really smooth
  • Pumba –  Pumba is a good comedy character and this really came through in his costume and acting
  • The hyenas – Although kind of scary looking the hyena costumes were cool. The actors had to do the two hyena arms with one of their arms and the head with their second arm, which must have been very awkward but again the movements were really animal like.

I think I was marginally more wowed by King Kong, becasue of the epic set, giant Kong and effects, but of course anything with lots of animals in always gets my vote! The Lion King also had a better feel good factor, given its Disney heritage.

Hakuna Matata! 

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