In Sydney the closest thing we really have to a Theme Park is Luna Park. Its sort of like a permanent fun fair, with about 12 big rides, some kiddies rides and lots of stalls where you can pay money to try and win cuddly toys and other tatty prizes. The entrance is guarded by a big scary clown whose mouth you have to walk through to get in.

They have some 241 deals, so we went with a couple of friends recently on a Friday night to take advantage of the deal. We spent a good 3 hours of the evening there and Matt and I made it on all of the main rides. I felt a bit quessy by the end, after the upside down ride and all the spinning, so we decided not to sample the doughnuts and ice creams.

Sadly the old rickety looking roller coaster was shut, but here’s a summary on the other rides:

Tango Train: We went on this first. Two of you sit in a car and go around in a circle, up and down bumps. It starts backwards and then goes forwards which is faster. The ride lasted quite a while so did get a bit repetitive but was good fun. You get squished to the outside so I spend a while amusing myself trying to hold on against the gravity and seeing what it was like with my eyes shut.

Carousel: As you might expect. I called my horse Sunshine becasue he had a yellow mane and the ride made me think of secretive undercover spy meetings and Greys Anatomy. Yes, I’m strange.

Getting air in Coney island

Getting air in Coney island

Coney Island: Coney Island is a cool adventure space with lots of fun things including a mirror maze, wobbly walkways and some giant slides you go down on mats. Andrew got airbourne!

Ferris Wheel: Pretty standard Ferris Wheel, but with awesome views over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

View from the ferris wheel

View from the ferris wheel

Hair Raiser: This is probably the second most extreme ride in Luna Park. It cranks you up a pole higher and higher, to 50m, where again the views are really cool. Then, without any warning or even stopping from going up you drop really suddenly. I was definitely screaming / manically giggling!


The Hair Raiser

Tumble Bug and Spider: These were both ones with two people cars, where ou get spun around a lot and spun in all sorts of directions. Quite good fun.

Dodgems: Another classic. I passengered with Matt and we managed to lap some of the others a couple of times. Apparently the lady was telling me to put the camera away but I didn’t hear her at all!

Moon Ranger: This was the most extreme ride in the park, like a pirate ship, but which went fully upside down. At first I really enjoyed this one, but then when it was fully upside down 3 or 4 times it would stop and leave you hanging there for what seemed like ages, which I didn’t really appreciative. The restraints were really tight pushing on your stomach too.



Rotor: This was the most unusual ride. Three of us (Andrew wasn’t feeling well and knew it would make him feel worse) went in without any idea what it was, and had the whole ride to ourselves. Its a black round room with a wheel in the middle. You hold the wheel and they start rotating the room and then you go and stand against the edge. As they speed it up you get stuck against the wall and cant move! Then the floor disappears and you stay floating stuck to the wall! That was quite a surprise. It spins for a long time and you can try moving your arms and legs out which is pretty strange, and then when it stops you fall back down to the floor which is now lower! I liked the simplicity of it, and the element of surprise about what happened!

For $25 each (241 price) it was worth it for a fun night out, but I certainly wouldn’t pay $50. It’s quite a small place so I don’t expect we would go back very soon, but if we have visitors who want to go I’d more than happily go again and pretend to be a child!

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