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Outdoor cinema, with bats

Outdoor cinema, with bats

The summer here is typically predictably fine and warm, and a selection of outdoor cinemas pop up at a few places around Sydney.

I was keen to try one out, so we signed up for the Hobbit 2 (the Desolation of Smaug) at Centennial Park for a Friday night (see here).

You can either get standard tickets for $18, or ‘gold grass’. Gold grass gets you your own giant bean bag, a spot right in the middle, plus a hot food service until the film starts. We went with the normal seats and considered hiring a bean bag separately. They were $9 and could clearly fit two although in the end we didn’t need one. We got there nice and early so manged to grab a prime spot, right on the edge of the gold grass to pretty central, plenty close enough to the screen and in the amphitheater style wide steps so we got to use one of the steps as a handy backrest. We could lie down against it which was pretty comfy.

You aren’t allowed to take along seats with legs on as they block other people’s view. We borrowed a Thermarest chair from Penny at work (thank you) which was nice and comfy and took a picnic blanket to sit on, a mini camping pillow and of course a hoodie to wear. The screen was a giant inflatable one with supports each side. It did wobble about in the wind a little bit, which made for some interesting distortion effects! As the sun set there were lots of pretty large bats flying about which was cool.

The film started at sunset (8.15pm) and was three hours long so it was pretty late and chilly by the end. Next time i’d definitely take a second blanket to snuggle under. Also at the end Matt did say “You’ll have to fill me in on the last 20 minutes” as he’d gone to sleep!

We took along a lot of snacks to munch on and ended up buying a bottle of wine there too as I didn’t realise you could bring drink until the last minute and we didn’t find a bottle shop on the way (doh!). Overall it was a excellent evening lying under the stars eating yummy things watching a good film. The actual cinema is a similar price. I’m glad we went and would certainly go to another one.



  1. Can we go here when we come to visit (if there are any decent films showing)?

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