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Pirates of the Caribbean at the Sydney Opera House

Pirates of the Caribbean at the Sydney Opera House

Two of the biggest Sydney icons must be the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. We have walked over the bridge and go over it on the train most days on the way to and from work. Having been here a couple of months we needed to check out the Opera House properly.

You can do  tours of the Opera House for about $35, but for the full on experience we wanted to see a show. Having done the new British class test recently, we’re not ‘elite’. Mainly becasue we don’t have a massive wodge of money I guess, but also becasue we don’t do things like opera, ballet and art galleries! So we were quite pleased when we looked on the website and found out the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was doing Pirates of the Caribbean – one of our favourite films!

After some deliberation over the $100 price tag, we decided it would be worth it, so off we went one Friday night. Inside the Opera House is quite concretey. If you walk to the back you get good views over the harbour and of the bridge all lit up at night.

We were about 8 rows from the front. The orchestra were on a stage at the front, with a screen behind them. The film was projected with the speaking and the orchestra and choir did the music. It was pretty cool to see them playing along, and see all the different sections get involved for the different bits of music. The atmosphere was good, and Johnny Depp on a big screen is always nice, but I would have preferred the music a bit louder.

Verdict: 7/10  Worth a visit. The action sequences were a bit hard to follow and watch the orchestra at the same time and Matt prefers the 5.1 surround sound speaker system! (You cant each culture!) I’d go back and see something else.

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