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One recent Saturday, we ended up free from late afternoon, so decided to head over to Sydney Aquarium.

The aquarium is in Darling Harbour, by Madame Tussaudes and the small zoo. We had free entry with our Merlin annual passes (=bargain) and it was open until 8pm so we had plenty of time to look around.

The aquarium was pretty quiet, apart from a very large group of tourists, which were quite hard to avoid sadly!


My favourite thing was the Duck Billed Platypus. I’ve not seen one before and it looked pretty cute and weird. Did you know…(and I didn’t learn this at the aquarium, it is an obscure fact I know anyway) that the platypus is the only animal (I think, and may be wrong) which could make its own custard, because it produces both milk and eggs? Weird hey? I don’t imagine it would be very nice, and I don’t know how it would stir it with its little flippers, but there you go! The playtpus was a lot smaller than I thought, and we only saw it for a very short time before it hid away – I will be back another time to try and get a picture.

After that the sea horses were pretty cool, especially the Weedy Seahorse which looks like seaweed.They have them in the Harbour and round and about, so hopefully we will see one when we go snorkelling one day.

Being Australia, there were a lot of sharks in the underwater observatory bit, plus some dugongs, rays, cool looking fish, anenomes, crabs, lobsters, eels and a whole host of other aquatic stuff.

Overall verdict: 6.5/10. The place wasn’t massive, and with no penguins or sea turtles its only going to get a 7 at most. More platypus viewing would probably take it up to a 7.5. I need a better lens to get decent photos there too!




  1. Echidnas can do the whole omlette thing too. And they have spines to whisk it up.
    Leafy sea dragons are pretty amazing.

  2. We saw them at Taronga zoo today. Long and short tounged versions along with another platypus. Ill get my platypus facts right next time.

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