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Navy ships

Navy ships

After the Saturday fireworks of the Sydney Naval 100 year Fleet Review, on the Bank Holiday Monday we had tickets to look around all the boats. For $3 each (plus a comparatively huge $8 postage) it was a bargain. You can read about the first day and fireworks, here. 

We started off at Garden Island, which is where Matt works. We did a historic tour of the Island – it was good to have a nosey about and the chapel had some pretty cool stained glass. We went on three boats there:

  • HMAS Darwin (Australian)
  • NNS Thunder (Nigerian)
  • Mayalsian ship

The NZ ship was doing missile demos as we waited, spinning them around.




There was a free ferry back to the Opera House, so we hopped on that and went to the second site at Bangaroo. In there were the Aussie, American and British ships. Unfortunately just after we arrived the HMS Daring (the British ship) closed to visitors. We went on HMAS Paramatta (Australian).

I liked seeing the control rooms and noseying about the ships. Matt was obviously very much more interested given that (a) he works on that sort of thing and (b) he is a boy and they like ships, especially big ones with big guns!


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