One night after work we went on a night tour at the Sydney observatory for some star gazing.

There were a few bits to the tour: walking around the museum yourself, 2 telescope viewings, some 3D films and looking at the stars outside.

They had two different telescopes, a fancy high powered new sciencey looking one, and another that was more ‘classic’ and over 200 years old. We saw Saturn and Venus through these respectively. Saturn was cool, you could see the actual rings clearly. In comparison Venus just looked like a star really. I liked being in the towers. They are made of copper and the roof spins around depending on where you want to view – it made me think of mad scientists cackling manically.

The films were good for making you think about the scale of the universe and our significance in it. Our guide was good at explaining things and answering questions – Matt and I couldn’t resist some tricky ones about the shape of the universe and whats outside of it. Mind boggling stuff.

Definitely worth a trip.

The photos didn’t come out too well. We did see some cool lanterns from the Korean Buddism Festival on the way home, so here’s one of those instead! 

Koala paper lantern

Koala paper lantern

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