Taronga Zo

Taronga Zoo


I love animals and I generally love zoos too (as long as they have nice big enclosures).

We went recently to Taronga Zoo in Sydney which is not only a zoo, but also a good adventure, because:

  1. You go there on a ferry out across the Harbour
  2. You get to ride in (or out) on a cable car and
  3. The views back across the city to the bridge and Opera House are cool

We spent a good 5 hours there going around, and I could easily have stayed for longer. They have a wide selection of animals including a lot of native ones including the obligatory koalas, kangeroos, wallabees, wombats, emus, Tasmanian Devils, spiders (ewww) and playtpus (not sure if that’s plural?!). Sadly the penguin area was being refurbished, so none of them 🙁 It wads a bit too busy at the start but got a bit quieter once we wandered about.

I loved all the animals with the exception of the spiders which are still haunting me periodically. *Shudder*.

Here are my top 5 animals:

5.  Ecidnas. It turns out, like platypus, ecidnas are ‘monotremes’ which means they are egg laying mammals. So like the platypus they are the only kinds of animals that have eggs and milk and can (theoretically) produce their own custard! (Thanks Paul Millis!)



4. Seals – we caught the seal show where they do dives, jumps, flipper stands, shake hands, ‘speak’ and eat a lot of fish as rewards. Seeing them splash about was good entertainment, and they seemed to enjoy it too.

Seal jumping

Seal jumping

3. Elephants. The elephants had a couple of babies which were super sweet. We watched the keepers giving one of the little ones a shower which was just adorable. They told it ‘front foot;’ and ‘back foot’ and ‘turn’ and it even did what it was told – mainly – with some food as an added incentive.


2. Koalas – predictable, I’m sorry, but they are properly cute. Of the 6 koalas we saw, 2 were actually awake (and eating eucalyptus) which is a good record as they spend 20 of 24 hours a day asleep.



1. The wombat! I love this not-so little fellow and took a LOT of pictures of him. Unfortunately he was munching his supper on all three times we walked past and Matt got a bit bored waiting for him to do something else. I could have watched him for ages. I really wanted to give him a big cuddle, but I don’t think he would have appreciated it really!



Verdict: 9/10. Could have got a 10 with some penguins, and less other people!

What are your favourite animals?



  1. Sam Burchelll

    Aw, jealous. Though technically your seal is a sea lion….

  2. What are my favourite animals – need you ask?! Although I suppose they’re technically mammals… Sounds like you had a fun trip.

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