Wild Life Sydney is a small zoo right in the centre of Sydney (see here). We went a couple of weekends back to look around and bought Merlin passes on-line for $90. This gets us unlimited entry to 5 Sydney attractions and some other ones in Oz, for a whole year. Compared to $36 walk in price for the zoo and the same for many of the other attractions its a total bargain!

I love animals, so had a good time even though the zoo was only small.


These were definitely the cutest chaps in the zoo. They were in close competition with the wombats, but they were hiding down their holes asleep so it wasn’t a fair competition.




Lunch time for the koala












Princess the Cassowary

We went to a short talk about Princess the Cassowary. Princess is a boy, but apparently a diva! The cassowary is basically like an emu or ostrich, but with better colours and a keratin (what nails are made from) bit on their head. They eat a lot of fruit, and have an evil claw which can be used to kill people! They’re pretty rare and only like in Australia and New Guinea.

Princess the (boy)  cassowary

Princess the (boy) cassowary


I particularly like lizards, and there were quite a few there, including a giant goanna (related to the monitor lizard).


A couple of unidentified lizards

They had a lot of snakes as well, big and small, poisonous and pretty ‘armless ones too.  They had an unusual one called the Hoop Snake.

Rex the Big Boss Croc


Rex the 'Big Boss Croc'

Rex the ‘Big Boss Croc’

We also went to a talk about Rex, who is what is known as a Big Boss Croc becasue he is huge! (700kg). Rex’s story is quite interesting. He used to live up in Darwin and ended up near a spot where lots of locals used to like picnicking and swimming. Many of them had dogs go missing. ’nuff said. The rangers decided Rex needed to be relocated as he was getting too aggressive and there was a fair risk he’d have gone for a person sooner or later. But giant crocs have really good homing instincts, so if they moved him he would have just come back.

So. Rex got caught and sent off the the Crocodile Farm. Its basically for breeding crocs, they look after them and then eventually make them into products as a way of reducing poaching. Sounded a bit dodgy to me, but apparently there are a lot of them. The idea was, in return for his food and board Rex would make new crocodile babies with the females at the farm, and pass on all his good ‘big boss croc’ genetics. Unfortunately, instead of making babies, Rex mauled all his potential girlfriends. 🙁

After a few years the farm got fed up with Rexs bad behaviour, so he ended up at Wild Life Sydney, where he lives with a few water dragons and gets fed 6 days a week (but not the day we were there).

Rex's giant body

Rex’s giant body

Verdict: 6.5/10. It was good, but only small, so worth a trip with some sort of deal ticket. Not too many scary spiders. Some of the enclosures were a bit small – I felt sorry for the kangeroos.

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